A Trip to Mount Sinai in Egypt

On the summit of Mount Sinai, Moses received the tablets of the Ten Commandments. Disputes regarding the location of this mountain continue to this day. Scientists have designated three places in the world where these religiously significant events could take place. One of the indicated places is the mountain located in the area of ​​Saint … Read more

Holidays in Egypt – sightseeing or leisure?

Egypt, despite the unstable political situation, is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Poles. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that when planning a vacation in this country, you can take into account several vacation options. People coming to Egypt are generally divided into groups: those who want to visit, who … Read more

Some Optional excursions from Hurghada

Optional trips from Hurghada, Egypt in practice. What do they offer, which one to choose and what are the prices of the individual tours? A vacation trip to Hurghada is a great opportunity to learn the secrets of the kingdom of the pharaohs. Here are some optional excursions waiting for tourists in Hurghada that will … Read more