Astra vs. Generate Press: Which Theme Should You Use?

Astra and Generate Press are the best themes right now, but keep reading if you want to know the difference between Astra and Generate Press.

Astra vs. Generate Press – Which is the best theme?

It is a bit of confusion for those new to WordPress and looking for an awesome theme to use on their site. I will not say which one is better than the other as they both have different purposes, and we love them.


Generate Press is a WooCommerce enabled theme whereas, Astra has its e-commerce solution available in a plugin. If you want to use your site as an online store then, Generate Press would be a better choice. It is designed around conversions and therefore suited for selling with its attention on the product page, and other features like Ajax add to cart etc. But if you are more focused on blogging, then Astra is a better choice for you.

Generate Press has more flexibility in terms of layouts and customization options as it is based on Zurb’s Foundation framework. Astra is more focused on simplicity with limited design choices, but both are aimed to give you speed and performance out of the box.

Why choose Astra over Generate Press?

  • WordPress Compatibility (no future updates required)
  • SEO Optimized (Sitemap, advanced page titles, etc.)
  • Advanced typography options
  • Header design styles (including sticky header or no header until you scroll down)
  • Three menu locations – main menu, top bar menu & side menu/panel menus (top bar can be turned off if needed)
  • Five widget areas (footer, top bar, side panel, main panel, and front page)
  • Compatible with all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.)
  • Translation ready (.pot file included within the theme folder for translators)
  • Unique layout options (full width posts/pages without sidebar or left/right sidebar content pages)
  • Preloader (optional) and social icons (optional) can be displayed throughout the website or turned off.  
  • Customizable header & menus using Elementor page builder plugin that is included in this theme as a bonus. Generate Press doesn’t have its drag and drop page builder, but you can Elementor on it instead.  
  • And much more features like built-in analytics (for Google Analytics and Piwik), Facebook and Twitter share buttons, WooCommerce ready, bbPress & BuddyPress support, etc.

Why choose Generate Press over Astra?

  • Ready to use a shopping theme with tons of options for generating affiliate links and product reviews.
  • It comes as a single .zip file that can be easily be installed as it is just one file. No need to install separate files for different aspects of the theme.
  • It is better suited for blogging as it has four widgetized areas where you can display your content in different layouts: full width, left sidebar, right-sidebar, and no sidebars. Astra only has 2: one main panel and one sidebar panel.
  • More flexible in terms of layout design, customizing options with six widgetized areas, including footer widgets. Astra has 5: Footer, top bar, front page panel, central panel & side panel.
  • We all have to start somewhere, and in my opinion, the best place to start is with a good theme. To help you decide which one of these two themes is right for you, I will be giving an overview of each theme, including pros and cons. I hope that this helps! 

Astra Page Builder Support

Although both themes support page builders, Astra can integrate with Elementor.

GeneratePress can also be integrated with Elementor, but it’s not as smooth as Astra’s integration of Elementor.

In addition, Astra offers a better styling mechanism for plugins like WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer).

Astra offers an easier way to toggle styles on elements, and GeneratePress does not have this feature.

Generate Press Page Builder Support

GeneratePress supports Beaver Builder, but it’s not as smooth as Astra’s Elementor integration.

Astra is also much easier to customize for users who are not comfortable with CSS.

GeneratePress does have an easy way to choose layout options, change font styles and colors.

So the choice between these two themes will come down to whether you want Elementor support or ease of use as your primary concern.

This might be the most critical aspect differentiating these two themes, besides their performance levels which I discuss at the end of this article.

Performance comparison – Astra vs. Generate Press

The speed difference between Astra and GeneratePress depends on how fast your server is configured. If you are on a shared hosting plan, it will take some time to achieve the same optimized performance as GeneratePress.

Both themes are lightweight and extremely fast. Their page speeds are almost identical when testing with Pingdom Tools or GTMetrix.

Generatepress is noticeably faster than Astra at PageSpeed Insights.

The few milliseconds of speed difference doesn’t make much difference to your site visitors, but if you need the best speed possible, GeneratePress would be the way to go.

Astra vs. Generate Press – Unique features

Now let’s take a look at unique features that separate these two themes: Elementor support Plugin support with WooCommerce integration Drag & drop widgets, Layout builder, Child theme support and more.

From a value perspective, the themes offer excellent packages. Astra is priced at $59, and GeneratePress is worth $38.

Both themes let you choose between 12 widget areas, seven post types and three layouts for your homepage. They also both include over 20 shortcodes that allow you to build anything you want with ease!

The main difference between these two themes lies in their unique features, such as Elementor support on Astra vs. drag & drop page builder on GeneratePress.

Conclusion – Astra vs. Generate press

Astra is a great theme that integrates Elementor, has excellent value for money, offers fast performance but lacks the drag & drop page builder of GeneratePress.

GeneratePress lacks Elementor support but is incredibly easy to work with thanks to its drag & drop interface. It’s also faster than Astra in some cases and gives you tons of flexibility when it comes to advanced layouts.

I hope this article helped you make an informed decision about your following WordPress website! Have something else? Please share with us in the comments section below!

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