Bluehost Affiliate Program Review

Want the best and highest paying affiliate program? Good, you are in the right place. Today in this article we have shared information regarding the highest paying and best affiliate program that is Bluehost Affiliate Program.

I just check the other blogs and found that almost every blogger out there is promoting Bluehost Hostings & Domains.

But the question here is why? Well, they are getting a lot of commission per sale, secondly, they are one of the most well known and authentic companies that provide super-fast hostings and fully SSL Encrypted domains with your privacy fully secured.

Due to all of these things, the focus of almost every blogger is towards them. They pay $65 by default for all purchases. That gets increased up to $120 per sale when specific sales per month are made, so it’s a good affiliate program to be promoted.

If you are a new blogger and you are searching for the best hosting for your blog, whether shared, dedicated, or VPS hosting its should be considered because is trustworthy.

Being a blogger I personally recommend this hosting to my readers, because along with quality content it’s a good idea to recommend good and quality stuff to my visitors.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Just like any other hosting company Bluehost has their affiliate program that works pretty the same way but with big bucks. You refer a visitor to them, if he makes a purchase, you get a one-time commission due to that buyer.

Another interesting thing here is, that if you get succeed to get them more sales in a month, then you get bigger earnings because the pay per sale increases with the number of sales made in a month.

Program Merits

  • Best & Reputed web hosting company
  • Excellent affiliate system, thousands of bloggers are using and promoting their products – trustworthy
  • Website/Blog gets instant approval
  • Any niche site get accepted
  • Leverage Banner Ads & Text ads make it easy to share links of your blog
  • Tiered Commission Structure
  • Strong Conversion Rates
  • Excellent payout systems
  • No Fixed Commission, the higher sales you get the higher earnings you get
  • The customer support team is really helpful and supportive
  • 1-Click WordPress migration feature is there to help the new bloggers
  • Affiliates are monitored & given tips on a daily basis to increase their earnings
  • Exclusive & Interesting offers comes that can give a boost to your earnings
  • As compared to the affiliate system of other hostings, it stands out the best

Program De-Merits

  • There are particular withdrawal limits. Which means that you cannot withdraw your earnings until and unless it reaches a certain limit
  • Before withdrawing your earnings you have to make successful two sales or reach an amount of $100
  • If a customer down-grades their plan, then the commission gets cut from the earnings.

But in conclusion, it can be said that overall it is a good affiliate program that provides good service for both the customers & affiliates so both of them get benefits and quality service.

So, in short, I would say that you should join the Bluehost Affiliate Program.

How To Join The Program?

  1. Sign-Up for a Bluehost account: Just like any other sign-up form, it is the same. You have to add your Name, Address and some other information that is pretty common so don’t need to explain this
  2. Adding Blog: Before joining their affiliate system, there is a requirement. Which is you should have a blog. Where you will promote their offers and products. But the best part is that your blog doesn’t have to be about a particular niche or topic. You can add your website or blog there, even if it is new and you haven’t added much content yet. In short under-construction sites also get approval. If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry just read our article about How To Start A Blog
  3. Fill & Submit Tax Information: You will be given a tax form too. So fill it with all the necessary information and click on the “Submit Now” button. Your tax information will be reviewed and after that, it will be accepted.
  4. Add PayPal Account: Adding a PayPal account for withdrawal is necessary. For this simply click on “Add PayPal” in the withdrawal section and configure your personal or even business PayPal.

What Products Can A Bluehost Affiliate Promote?

There are a number of products and offers that can be promoted, but those related to blogging are discussed below.


Bluehost offers its customers a variety of hosting plans and programs. The most popular and cheapest till now is the Shared Hosting. Bluehost also offers Reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, cloud hosting, and other several types of hosting.


Along with hosting you get a domain here too. Because Bluehost is also a domain registrar, that allows you to register your desired domains. The best feature of this is that Bluehost gives a domain checker box to its affiliates. That widget can be simply added to your blog or website. Through which readers can search a good domain and search its availability. After choosing the right domain with the right extension like .com, .net. org. info etc, the user will be redirected to Bluehost Official website, where the transaction can be completed.

How Much Can You Earn As Bluehost Affiliate?

Now lets, discuss how much can you earn by being their partner, and how much can you generate using their affiliate program.

If you are promoting their shared hosting. From which you get a commission of $65. Yes, that is from a single sale alone (pretty good nahh?).
Now, when you manage to get 1 sale on daily basis. Then you get $65, which becomes $65 x 30 that is $1950 per month.
Just think if you generate more sales than this, then your commission will be increased up to $125 per sale. Which becomes $125 x 30 that is around $3700 per month!
I don’t think you need any other affiliate program which pays better than this. You already got a pretty big amount from it.

How To Promote Bluehost Hosting?

let Your Clients Buy It

If you are an SEO expert or any website developer or a web consultant. Then there is a golden chance to make some sales. Like if are guiding a newbie or any beginner then you can just tell them to start a good blog first you need good hosting, and then let him buy from your affiliate links.

Or if you are a web-consultant, you again can generate sales. For this first you have to provide them with useful knowledge, then convince them to buy the Hosting from Bluehost only, because their service is of quality.

Through Resource Page

Everything all right, but now the question is how to promote Bluehost affiliate products. It’s ok that a blog is needed, but what’s the complete method to get your first sale and earn your first buck.

In this case, the Resource pages, come in handy. Actually, a resource page contains information rather than how-to and tutorial, etc. It primarily contains information related to the tools and paid stuff that a blogger use.

You can add the Bluehost Hosting Banner to your resource page. And write there as “The hosting which I personally use and recommend is the Bluehost hosting”. Above or below, a banner can be added.

Or if you like then you can add a text link too with the following keywords as anchor text best hosting for WordPress, blogging, for speed, and some other related keywords.

Publishing A Review Article Of Bluehost

Due to the massive advertisement of Bluehost, people usually give them a check, to test whether their hosting is good for them or not. Like, they are a bit confused about whether to buy the hosting or not?
So to clear their doubts and queries, you can publish a post on your blog. It can be the review of Bluehost or stuff like best hosting for WordPress.
If there are any other posts present on your blog, related to hosting or WordPress. There is also a good chance to place an affiliate link, so that users along with reading the guide, can get a hosting too without searching here and there to find the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the Bluehost affiliate program work?

It works just like any other simple affiliate program. You get a link after signing up. Share that link, and when someone clicks and buys from their official site, you get a commission.

Is Bluehost affiliate legit?

Well, there can be a complete speech for this question, but just let me give you a short answer. There are thousands of well-known bloggers who are promoting Blue Host, so there must a good reason behind this. So don’t worry just give it a try and just see the commission which this program pays per each successful sale.

Is there any fee for signing up?

No, Lol. It is a completely free process. Just head towards the signup page and start earning.

Do i need a blog to get started?

Yes, it is necessary to have a blog or website before you get account approval. But the good point here is that your blog should have to niche-specific. A new blog gets approval too

How do I become a Blue Host affiliate?

It is a very simple method. Just go to their official site, click on “Sign Up As Affiliate”, fill the sign-up form. And you are good to go


Finally, let’s get to the conclusion. If you ask about me, then just after reading that this affiliate program pays the best as compared to other ones. I have decided to make one for myself. I will try to promote their hosting in my articles because i myself gives priority to quality over quantity. And on the way of delivering quality content to my readers, I will for sure share this good hosting company too.

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