How to Change Text Color in Facebook with Color Codes

Do you want to write text/posts with different colours on Facebook? then you are at the right place.

Facebook is a popular social network, which connects you with your friends and loved ones. I’m sure that you would love to use it in a way which gives more pleasure. Facebook offers various features for this, but sometimes they are not enough.

The text color feature in Facebook allows you to simply change the colour of your status updates or comments. You just have to add one of these special tags:

Some members like using different colours in their posts and comments, others prefer neutral shades and some want only black and white (because they think that these shades bring more distinction).

This guide can help everybody who wants to play with Facebook’s customization tools and post coloured texts on their walls or timelines.

There isn’t any necessity to be a programmer in order to use this method. First of all, you have to focus on a small script that was made for a change in text colour in Facebook privately. It uses tags for this purpose and it’s easy to install and use because the steps are given below:

How to change Text Color in Facebook with

In order to write in different colours in Facebook posts or comments, you just have to copy any of your favourite colour codes and paste in your desired paste where you want to write with a different colour.

Afterwards, whatever you write, it will be in a different colour.

Following are the colour codes for different coloured text.






<fg=b00b22222>Fire Brick






<fg=b07cfc00>Lawn Green



<fg=b0191970>Midmight Blue









<fg=b02f8b57>Sea Green



<fg=b000ff7f>Spring Green

<fg=b04682b4>Steel Blue









<fg=b09acd32>Yellow Green

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Adding color codes to your posts within Facebook is not only an art but also a necessity. Anyone who wants to be creative will thank us for it because this method saves tons of time and energy.

This script has the power to change the text colour in Facebook without too much effort. It will work on any browser or social network, so I hope that you will enjoy these cool features.

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