Dareway Revolution Scooter Review

Are you looking for a scooter that is fun and easy to ride? Do you want a scooter with plenty of features and speed, but without the hassle of learning how to use it?

The Dareway Revolution Scooter may be the perfect fit. Read on to find out why! 

The Dareway Revolution Scooter is one of the newest scooters to enter the already bustling world of electric scooters. It has a lot going for it: great speed, easy to use controls and a sleek black design.

The Dareway Revolution Scooter is the most affordable fully functional electric scooter on the market today.

What Makes The Dareway Revolution Scooter So Great?

An exceptional feature of the Dareway Revolution Scooter is its ability to reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour in just a few seconds from being completely off!

This makes it ideal for riding around your neighbourhood or campus since you can have plenty of fun without even breaking a sweat!

The maximum range that this electric scooter can travel on one charge is about 12 miles.

Another great feature of this scooter is the Dareway Revolution Scooter’s rear suspension system, which allows for an extremely comfortable ride on any type of road surface – even if there are small bumps or cracks in the pavement!

This is a big plus since it gives you more control over the direction that your scooter travels. The handlebars come with foam covering to improve grip and comfort while riding.

All controls are conveniently located at your fingertips so you can easily operate this electric scooter without having to take one hand off of the bars.

“The steering column itself comes fully adjustable to fit different sized riders easily so anyone from children all the way up to adults both young and old can enjoy this awesome electric scooter! And of course, the Dareway Revolution Scooter is very simple to use – no assles at all!


Sliding Rail Technology

The sliding rail allows you to easily adjust the handlebar height without having to use any tools or take anything apart! It’s incredibly easy and simple to do, even for riders of different heights. 

Powerful Motor

The Dareway Revolution Scooter uses a powerful 24V battery system. It will reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour in just seconds! The motor for this scooter is an AC motor that works on all types of terrain, making it extra versatile. 

Steering Sensitivity Control

You can control the steering sensitivity setting on your scooter thanks to its fixed rear suspension system.

No matter what surface you are riding on, whether it’s concrete or even grass or gravel, your electric scooter will be able to easily manoeuvre around obstacles and other challenges without any trouble at all!

On bumpier roads simply switch over to low-sensitivity mode so you have more control over how the scooter handles different surfaces. Maximum Control

The Handlebars of the Dareway Revolution Scooter come with foam covering to make them more comfortable and easier to grip.

This ensures that you will be able to ride around your college campus or neighbourhood effortlessly and without getting tired out quickly.

One-Touch Brake Operation

It’s very easy and convenient to slow down when riding around on the Dareway Revolution Scooter thanks to its front hand brake system, which allows riders to bring their scooter to a stop in an instant if needed. 

Ergonomic Foot Platform

The foot platform is designed so that your feet fit perfectly for maximum comfort while you are riding. The controls also allow for ease of use so you can easily put the electric scooter into drive mode without having to take your hands off of the handlebars. 

Easiest Storage & Transportation There is no complex or difficult process when it comes to storing and transporting your Dareway Revolution Scooter, making it a great buy for anyone who wants an electric scooter but doesn’t have a lot of storage space!

All you have to do is fold up the foot platform into a compact size with one hand.

The 8″ inflatable rubber tires that come on this electric scooter make it very easy to transport from place to place. 


  • Maximum Speed: 15mph
  • Range per Charge: 12miles
  • Electric Chain Driven Motor 24V 500W/700W
  • Handle Bar Height Adjustable
  • Battery Capacity: 36V/4.0AH
  • Front Brake: Regenerative Electric Brake
  • Seat Height: 42-46cm (Adjustable)
  • Max Load: 80kg
  • Folded Dimensions; 38″x 17″ x 11.5″ 
  • Out of Box Riding Dimensions; 61″ x 20″ x 44″. 
  • Max rider weight is 220lbs.
  • Weight of the Dareway Revolution Scooter without battery is 32kgs, which means that there is a total of 62kgs when fully assembled with battery on board. 
  • Instruction manual included. 
  • Two-year warranty on parts and labour.


Dareway really has done a great job at creating an electric scooter that is fun and easy to use. I Hope you found this Dareway Revolution Scooter Review helpful!

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