Does Facebook Suggest Friends Who Look At Your profile?

Do you want to know if someone is looking at your profile on Facebook? If they are, you’ll now be able to find out if their name appears as a suggestion in the “People You May Know” box. Similarly, if you go to somebody else’s timeline, you can find out if you were suggested as a friend to that person.

This has been an issue of concern for many users on Facebook since there’s no way to know if someone is looking at your profile unless they give you a little nudge. The privacy settings allow users to determine who can see their profiles and who cannot.

But although privacy prevents people from seeing it by default, they can always go straight to your timeline and look at everything without so much as getting noticed. If this is something you don’t want happening, it would be wise of you to check up on who sees what on your timeline. You can also turn off friends suggestion on facebook.

So let’s know what actually is this and how it works.

What Is “People You May Know” aka Suggested Friends?

The “People You May Know” box appears whenever you go to somebody else’s timeline and look at their photos or any other significant activity.

Whenever you want to check up on someone’s profile, it is extremely important to click the right mouse button and look for the box that says “View As.” This will give you a chance to change your privacy settings before looking into somebody else’s Facebook account.

If the proper filters are set then only those individuals that fall into one of your preselected categories can see what you’re doing. Make sure this works as intended.

If all is well with your account when you click View As there should be a list of friends who appear in the suggested friend’s box under “See Friendship.” It would be rare that none of your friends turns up in the box.

The more your friends use Facebook, the more likely they are to show up here, but it’s always a possibility that nobody shows up which can be pretty alarming as well.

That said, if someone is looking at your profile you’ll see their name appear directly under “See Friendship” and not as an option in the suggested friend’s section. This will also allow you to know who exactly is stalking your account without having them make it too obvious about it.

But how does this happen? Before they added this feature there was no way for people to find out that somebody looked at their profile unless:

1) They noticed them on their friend list and they hadn’t seen them for a while.

2) The person in question likes and comments on something (activities) and you can see who liked and commented. But this is not the case in every scenario.

There’s no way to know when someone checks up on your profile unless they tell you, or unless you notice that one of your friends added them as a friend when they weren’t expecting it. That said, now that such a feature exists, Facebook will add users directly to the suggested friend’s section if you happen to meet their criteria for adding new people to friend lists.

Facebook Suggest Friends: How It Works?

Here’s how it works: Say John Smith creates a profile and wants to find Brian Jones, whom he knows from school. So, he does what most people would do if they’ve lost touch with someone: He does a search.

Not yet having any friends, John’s account has no information attached to it and so comes up as a blank profile in his friend suggestions.

Brian happens to come online right about the same time and enters his name into Facebook’s People Search just as John is doing the same thing. Both have entered their first names and last initials, so Facebook gives them each other as a suggestion.

They both accept one another as friends, making sure that they’re not mistakenly connecting with their arch-rivals from high school or something similar. The next time either logs on, Facebook remembers this connection—that Brian accepted John’s request to be friends with him—and when John logs on he will be given Brian as a friend suggestion. The same holds true for Brian who will now be given John as a suggestion whenever he logs on.

This goes on and on until such time as at least one of them decides to change the privacy settings of their accounts, thereby preventing Facebook from showing their profiles to anyone not already friends with them. You can also see more information on the Facebook help center about how your data is used by facebook.

Of course, there is a chance that you might happen to meet somebody online through a social media site but it’s not guaranteed and so people you may know suggestions can be helpful and can increase your friend count for no good reason.

So we always recommend users take any precautions possible so they don’t get too many random friends out of nowhere.

Final Words:

This article clearly shows how one can find friends who are actually into your content.

It is interesting to note that the only way Facebook suggests friends is through user search. This means that there are no other ways for users to get suggested friends, except through People Search. So if you’re looking for people to connect with online then it may be a good idea to utilize this tool before randomly adding strangers as friends on Facebook.

Some of our readers have commented below saying that they have seen their friend’s accounts being suggested to them even when they were not searching for someone in particular. We will investigate this issue and come up with an answer very soon so do check back for more information about this matter. Till then feel free to post your thoughts below.

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