How To Fix Unfortunately Bluetooth Share Has Stopped Error

How To Fix Unfortunately Bluetooth Share Has Stopped Error

Android users often encounter the Unfortunately Bluetooth Share has stopped error. This article will help you fix this problem and get back to your wireless share life.

There is a chance that you might be receiving this error whenever you try to pair a Bluetooth device with your smartphone. This is mostly because of an issue with the Bluetooth service which has now been stopped from working properly.

This method will clear all data in Google Play Services Framework so remember to backup your data first before you follow these instructions of How To Fix Unfortunately Bluetooth Share Has Stopped Error

Fix “BlueTooth Has Stopped Working” Error: Steps

  1. Go to settings and then applications > All Applications
  2. Scroll down and find “Google Services” (not to be confused with Google Play Store) and click on it
  3. Find “Google Service Framework” and open it by tapping on it once, wait for a moment as it opens up may take a few seconds before anything pops up
  4. After it opens look for “” click on it and then click “Clear Data” and after that close the tab
  5. Your Bluetooth should now work fine again

Why does my phone get this error?

This error happens because of a problem within the Google Play Services. This is an important app that runs in the background and it needs your phone to be fully functional for this to work, yet there are some errors that occur with it that can cause your Bluetooth service to stop working properly.

When you see the error message it means that this app has stopped working and needs to be fixed. You can do this by going into your Google Play Services Framework, clearing the data, and then restarting your phone.

This should fix any Bluetooth issues as well as stopping this error from appearing again in the future.

Is there a way to stop the Bluetooth share app from crashing all the time?

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely stop this service from crashing. But if you follow the steps above your Bluetooth should work fine again without any problems or errors.

If you do happen to notice something not working properly then follow the same instructions to re-do the process and that should fix your problem.

Also, if by chance you are still having issues connecting with Bluetooth devices make sure to restart your phone completely as the error is most likely caused by a temporary issue such as this one.

There is an app out there called Bluetooth Share that has stopped working too, so you might see this error in conjunction with another one.

The best thing to do in this case is to try and restart the phone again after each step in order for it to work better, but if you still have problems connecting your Bluetooth device then it may be best to look for a more permanent solution.

Why does it work to clear the app data?

When you first installed Google Play Services, it created a cache file that holds all the vital information about this particular app. If something goes wrong with this service or if there are any bugs within the program, you will need to delete this important cache file because your phone is not able to properly run this app due to the size of it is too big.


By following the steps explained in this article, you should be able to fix any Bluetooth problems that occur along with stopping this error from ever appearing again.

If you are still having problems with your Bluetooth service after following these instructions then there is a chance that this may be caused by an app or even hardware.

But if the issue continues to persist, it might be best to consult with a technician who can help figure out what might be causing this problem in the first place.

Besides that, you should be able to fix any Bluetooth issues on your device by following the steps above correctly. Good luck!

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