How To Fix Google Pay Not Working On Android

Is Google Pay not working properly on your android smartphone? Maybe you are having issues paying for your items using the contactless payment feature on Google Pay.

This is an article that will help you to find solutions for all of these problems.

Google Pay: What is it?

Google pay is a contactless payment method used for all your online and offline purchases. It was formerly known as Google Wallet.

You don’t need to swipe or insert your card in order to make transactions with this application. This simply means that you just have to tap your phone on the machine that accepts google pay and walk away while doing other things on your smartphone.

How To Fix It: If Google Pay Not Working On Android

Fix 1: Uninstall Old Versions Of The App From Your Phone And Re-Install The Latest Version

Uninstalling old versions of applications from android smartphones can sometimes help solve problems related to laggy performance, force close errors etc. before moving towards any solutions, try to uninstall all google pay versions running on your android phone.

How To Uninstall an app from Android Phone:

Go to the App Manager of your device

Select All applications

Tap on Google Pay or what version you were using before attempting to pay for an item

Force close the application by tapping the End button several times

Delete the old version of Google Pay by pressing on three vertical dots at the right corner and selecting delete

Confirm deletion of old version

Wait for the installation of the latest Google Pay app

Wait for it to Force Close once or twice (this is normal)

Open up Google Pay again and try making payments

Fix 2: Clear Cache And Data Of The Application From Settings Menu

Sometimes, even after uninstalling some apps, there might be conflicting files from the old version of the app that might still be running on your phone. So you can try clearing cache and data from the android settings menu to get rid of any conflicting files.

How To Clear Cache On Android:

Go To Settings From Your Home Screen Tap on Apps And Games, this will open up a list of all installed apps

Here select Google Pay or what version you were using before attempting to pay for an item

Select Storage > Clear Cache Confirm action

Wait for a minute or two Reboot your device by turning it off then back on the back again (this is important)

Now launch your newly installed google pay application and see if payments are working now. If not proceed with the next step below.

Fix 3: Factory Reset Your Phone

If the issue is not solved even after uninstalling and clearing the cache of the Google pay app, it’s time to take your device back to factory settings.

Be sure to create a backup before taking such actions as this will wipe out your entire smartphone data too that including personal data like photos, videos etc.

How To Backup Android Device Before Doing A Factory Reset:

Go To Settings Tap on System Select About phone or About Tablet (this depends upon the device).

Scroll down and tap Build Number 7 times This will activate Developer Options in your device.

Go back and select Developer Options Under Developer Options

Enable USB Debugging And OEM Unlocking

Now connect your phone with PC via USB cable

Select Media device(MTP) mode when prompted on your PC

Now launch an application called Android File Transfer on PC

Locate the Backup folder inside Android Folder in your device directory

This is where all your backup files are stored

Copy this Backup folder to a safe location so it can be restored later if required

How To Factory Reset Your Device:

Go To Settings Tap on System

Go to Advanced settings

Select Backup and Reset (remember that you backed up all data right?)

Tap on Factory Data Reset (this will delete everything including backups)

Confirm the action by selecting

Delete All

Reboot your phone after a factory reset.

When it starts again, go through the motions of setting up for installation of apps etc., go back to Google Play Store, update or install the latest version of the Google Pay app. Ensure that the issue is still not solved after this, you need to take your device to an expert.

Fix 4: Update Google Pay From Play Store

If the issue of google pay not working on android phones persists even after factory reset or installing a new version of the Google pay app from play store, its time for last-ditch attempt before taking your device back to the service centre.

How To Install Or Update An App On Android Phone:

Go To Play Store Search Google Pay

Tap Install Give permission for installation

Wait till it completes the installation

Launch the newly installed application

Check if it works now If not follow the below steps.

Force Close the app by tapping on the End button several times Delete Cache And Data Go back to App Manager

Find install section located at the top left corner

Uninstall updates (if any)

Reinstall the latest version of the Google Pay app

Ensure that the issue is not solved after this. If yes, congratulations, problem solved!

At lat i would say that, If the above steps didn’t fix your Google Pay App issue, you should take your device for repair to the nearest service centre.

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