How To Do Blogger SEO Settings

How To Do Blogger SEO Settings

So you’ve just created a Blogspot and you’re trying to figure out how to do blogger SEO settings? There’s no need to worry. This post will show you two easy ways for setting up your blog so that it can rank higher in Google searches.

Before going towards the SEO settings for your blog, I will give an over of SEO & Why Do You Need It.

What is SEO

SEO is a field of internet marketing that involves increasing your website ranking using certain methods. It helps make sure the keywords you want people to search for are at the top of Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs).

So if you’re selling, say, shoes it’s going to be very difficult for customers to find your site if they’re searching “buy new shoes” on google. The point of SEO is making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

So when they search “buy new shoes” your site should appear under the results for that particular query.

Search engine optimization is important because it makes sure your site shows up on Google and other search engines so you get traffic from people who may want to visit your website and purchase products or services.

This means you get more visitors which ultimately leads to higher revenue! Sounds great, right? There’s a lot of businesses out there that don’t use SEO and they’re missing out big time. So let’s not wait any longer and get into how to do blogger SEO settings.

How important is it?

In today’s online world of businesses and entrepreneurs, Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most powerful tools available to help drive more traffic and convert those visitors into paying customers.

And with so many business owners actively competing for top rankings, it’s important to understand the best practices of SEO and how you can use them to your advantage.

Blogspot Blog Complete SEO settings Guide

Follow our step-by-step guide to complete the SEO settings for your BlogSpot Blog.

Set A Title For Your Blog

The title of your blog is one of the most important elements to optimizing your site. This is because it has a direct effect on the search engine algorithms which help determine where your content will rank online.

So you have to Pick up a clever yet simple title that contains around 50-60 characters that are readable and attractive for readers.

Start Your Title With Keywords

Now, this is where things can get tricky. You have to make sure you start your title with the keywords that you want your blog to rank for. This is so search engines can easily determine what your site is focusing on and how it relates to the people searching for those topics.

To do this, first, go to > Settings > Add Your Title

You can put anything you like here, but it’s important to include your main keyword if possible.

Add A Meta Description For The Blog

A meta description is what appears underneath the title of your page in search engine results.

The words you place here are very important because they’re meant to entice people to want to click on your link.

To add a new meta description, go to Settings > Your Description > Add Meta Description

Make sure that you use your main keyword in the meta description.

Choose A Responsive Theme

The next thing to do is choose a responsive theme so your blog loads properly on mobile devices and other smaller screens. This will ensure that people who access your content from their smartphones or tablets don’t have to scroll all over the place just so they can read everything on your blog.

To ensure optimal mobile friendliness, we recommend using a responsive design with your blogger template and also checking for compatibility by going to Tools > Template Test (Mobile)

Upload Your Favicon

This is another thing that search engines use to help determine what your site is about.

To add a favicon, go to Settings > Basic > Add Favicon

After that click the “browse” button and select your favorite image then upload it in *.ico format.

Enable HTTPS Redirect

Making sure your site is secure is important when it comes to search engine rankings. This is because Google and other big search engines rank sites with HTTPS more highly than those without it.

So How To Do Blogger SEO settings in order to get you the best ranking possible. Go to Setup > Basic > Custom Redirects

Add a redirect for http:// to https:// and save.

Enable Reader Accessibility

This is so search engine robots can easily read your content. To do this, go to Settings > Basic > Accessibility Mode

You can choose either “Show Content Only” or “Hide Sidebar and Show Content”, both of which are very useful tips for making sure bots can access your blog.

Create A Sitemap

This is a simple way to tell search engine crawlers about your blog and all of the pages on it.

A sitemap shows them how often you update, what content gets updated, and where that new or changed content can be found.

To create a Sitemap, go to Settings > Writing Style > Add/Edit Sitemap

This is where you can choose which pages on your blog are important and need to be included in the sitemap. Make sure you only include the pages that people would find useful for their needs.

Add Blog To Google Search Console

You can do this by going to Search Console > Add blog

Note: If you haven’t verified your site with Google Webmaster Tools, you might get an error message saying “Site not found.” Just click the link that says “I’m having trouble” and follow the steps to complete the verification process.

Google likes to know when you’re making additional changes to your blog. This can help them get their spiders up to date and crawling new content faster.

So the more often you add blog posts, the more Google will crawl your site within their regular spidering schedule.

To do this go to Search Console > Crawl > Fetch as Google

After checking the box, select “Fetch” to submit your sitemap for crawling.

Add Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a good way to see how many people are accessing your blog and where they’re coming from. This can help you better tailor content to your readers, making it more useful and interesting.

To add Google Analytics, go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > General > Analytics section

Add the code there.

Add A Privacy Policy & Terms of Use For Your Blog

This is to avoid getting penalized for not having one which could result in your website being removed from search engine results.

To add a privacy policy or terms of use for your blog, go to Settings > Basic > Add Pages > Add Privacy Policy & Add Terms of Use

Find The Right Keywords For Your Posts

Keywords are important for search engine optimization, so find ones that relate to your posts and insert them into the title, content, metadata (meta info), and links. This will help crawlers find your posts more easily and rank them higher in search results.

To find the right keywords, do a Google search for keyword planner

Choose “Google Search” to only get information on search volume for keywords related to Google searches. Pick something you think would interest people searching online about your topic or niche.

To get the most out of this, you’re going to need more than one keyword.

Most Important: Upload Quality Content Regularly

This is a very important step for search engine optimization. Make sure you take the time to create high-quality content, images, and videos.

Spend some extra time on this because it could be what makes or breaks your blog during those first stages of getting established.

To add a new post click the “Post” button at the top of your blog.

After you’ve written your post, take the time to proofread it and make sure there aren’t any grammar mistakes.

Add tags to be found more easily by search engines. Tags are words that describe what your post is about, so choose ones that will help readers find the content they’re looking for. This can also help your posts stand out from others.

Add a featured image. This will make your posts more appealing to readers and search engines alike, as it adds another visual element that helps grab attention.

Add A Meta Description For Posts

This will serve as a short preview of your post which will appear under the headline in search results. This is especially important for longer posts because it can help readers decide whether or not they want to click through and read the whole thing.

To add a meta description go to Settings > Search Preferences

Here you can choose up to 160 characters for your description.

The following steps will help you optimize each post to make sure it has the best chance of ranking well.

Optimizing images for Search Engines

When it comes to making your blog search engine friendly, make sure you optimize all types of content, including images. To do this, put keywords in their title and alt tags that describe what is important about the image.

This can be done while uploading an image on Blogger by adding Alt Attributes.

You can also adjust the image size to help with page load speed.

Create Archives

Optimize your site structure for search engines. If you want an easy way to make sure all of your posts are properly linked together, use Blogger’s blog archive option. While creating a new post, choose “Archive” in the Post Type section

This will automatically create an archive page that is structured the way you want it. Now your blog posts will be accessible through clear categories and easy-to-read URLs.

Redirect 404 Pages

If you’ve recently changed your Blogger URL or deleted a page that is no longer available, you’ll want to tell Google not to show an error page.

To do this go to Settings > Other and enable Redirect 404 Errors.

You can also use the CMS (content management system) site feature of Blogger to help you create custom URLs for every post.

Promote Your Blog

Through Social Media

Create profiles for your blog on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit etc though these are the most important.

Follow others in your niche and engage with them to build relationships that can later become beneficial for promoting your own blog.

Share your posts on Facebook and Twitter, and start a conversation with people who engage with you that could potentially lead to more followers.


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