How To Convert Disc To Digital Xbox One

Do you have a disc of the Xbox One game? Are you a person who wants to convert the Disc to Digital Xbox One? If your answer is yes, then read this article that is about how you can do it easily.

Discs have always been used in many places for many years. In addition to being used in games consoles, DVD players and Blu-rays are also used by people. But with the advent of technology, play station has released its 5th generation video game system or PlayStation 4 which has been introduced with different discs.

The system provides both digital downloads and physical copies of the disc available in the market. A number of people like using physical copies more than others because they prefer having a hard copy that they can carry and use anytime whenever they want instead of downloading them from the internet which takes a lot of time.

And playing the game using the disc is also more fun than downloading it from the store because you have to download first before playing it and this often makes your games slow.

If you are one of those people who love having physical copies, then here is how to convert your disc to a digital Xbox One that can be downloaded directly from Microsoft Store for free.

Convert Disc To Digital Xbox One

The process of converting the physical copy into a digital version is very simple. Follow these steps and you can easily do it.

Step 1. Login Xbox One Live

First, you have to log in Xbox Live Account in order to download your disc into digital format. To do this, enter the code that was given upon purchase of the game and then press the A button on your controller.

Step 2: Go To Digital Download

Once you have logged in, go to the “My Games” section from where you can access all available games titles that you have been downloaded from Microsoft Store or those from discs as well as those purchased through Xbox Live Marketplace.

Then click the option “Redeem Code”. If your account does not appear it means that your account is locked due to some reason like too many logins within a short period of time. Contact customer service for help if this happens because there has been an error displaying your account title.

Step 3: Enter Redeem Code

In order to enter the code, you should type it and press the A button on your controller. Then click Next. Then choose whether you want to make a one-time purchase or buy it as part of the monthly payment plan by selecting which option you prefer and buying it.

Don’t be worried about forgetting to cancel your membership because once you have paid for it, then there is no refund available as well as member benefits that will expire if it is cancelled before its expiration date like free games each month.

Therefore, always check any other information carefully before purchasing anything from Microsoft Store.

Step 4: The Game Has Been Converted To Your Account

After you have successfully converted your disc to a digital Xbox One, the game will appear in your library. You can download it to your console or view its details by pressing the Y button on your controller.

Then you can enjoy playing this game either offline or online with friends and other players worldwide.

Step 5: Transfer Encrypted Game Over To Xbox 360

If you want to transfer the encrypted game over to another console, then select that option and click next. After that, just confirm everything about this operation and wait until it’s done. This process may take a lot of time so be patient!

Step 6: The Conversion Is Done

And there is no need for anything else since this whole process is completed now. And your game is available for use now.

As you can see, this process of converting discs to digital Xbox One is really simple that anyone can do it without any difficulties even if you are a newbie in playing video games on consoles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I received a message that the process of digital conversion is done but there was no notification about it?

A: Check your email. If you don’t receive any confirmation within a day, then there may be something wrong with your internet connection or it could be an account problem.

Contact customer service if this happens because they will know how to solve the issue.

Q: Can Xbox One games be converted to Xbox 360?

A: Yes, if you play on Microsoft Store Games on Demand through Xbox Live Marketplace and want to transfer them over to your friend’s or other consoles which are not connected by live then all you have to do is purchase a digital copy for them too.

Then you can use the same code given during the purchase of the game or in the case of subscription that will be used to convert it.

Q: How do I enter my code into Xbox One?

A: If your game is a one-time purchase then just press “enter code” button and if you have redeemed multiple games over the years then go to redeem product code option. Then type in the 25-digit alphanumeric code found on your card or receipt for online purchases or insert the disc and select the continue option after opening your game. Press the “X” button to confirm everything.


Converting discs to digital is a good way for you to save the trouble of carrying the physical copies with you when you’re on holiday or just want to play your game without having your friends or family borrowing yours.

Of course, if you are one of those who are still not convinced about buying their games digitally, then there won’t be anything wrong since all of us have different preferences in terms of choosing how we want our things to be.

But if you think this article has given useful information related to converting discs to digital Xbox One then I hope that at least it will help someone out there by preventing them from making any mistakes which could cost thousands up into millions depending on what they bought and paid for!

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