How to Deposit Money in Trust Wallet

If you want to deposit money in Trust Wallet, then you are at the right place. Although the process is not hard, it may include some steps to follow.

I would like to tell you the easiest ways by which you can deposit money in your Trust Wallet account. You can choose any of them and get started instantly.

Deposit Money In Trust Wallet

Following are some of the best and easiest methods that you can use to deposit money into your trust wallet account.

1) Using Credit/Debit Cards: 

The simplest method for depositing money in your wallet is using a credit or debit card. Many wallets allow this feature but the process varies from one wallet to another.

Some wallets let you do it by scanning a QR code whereas others make you enter details manually or use third-party apps instead of entering details directly on their site.

Another difference between these options mainly relies on how quickly they are able to transfer funds into your wallet.

For example, CoinPayments charges no fee for transferring funds from your credit card to your wallet.

2) Using Any of Your Favorite Crypto:

Trust Wallet lets you use an ERC-20 token to send it directly to anyone else on earth. It doesn’t even take a second, and it’s free too!

This is also called ‘token relay’ – Token Relay – element available in some other popular mobile wallets but this feature makes Trust stand out from the crowd. In addition, using this feature would let Even more interesting things happen…

3) Exchange Tokens Withdrawal Option:

This is the way by which you can transfer any of your ERC-20 tokens from the exchange to the Trust wallet.

If you hold any tokens at a centralized exchange then you can transfer it quite easily. If you have a decentralized exchange then most likely your options are limited but this feature is still in development and they plan to add more exchanges to this list.

4) Withdrawal from Coinpayments:

In case if you have an account at Coinpayments or making payments via its gateway, then they have added Trust Wallet as one of the withdrawal wallets for their users.

This means that you can directly withdraw from the platform into your wallet without incurring any fees for transactions between Coinpayments and Trust Wallet.

5) Withdrawal from Shapeshift:

Trust Wallet has recently partnered with shapeshift and that’s why they have added Trust Wallet as a withdrawal option.

So you can directly withdraw your crypto from shapeshift straight into your Trust Wallet.

To do so you have to have a valid shapeshift account and link it with Trust Wallet.

Then follow these steps:

Go to “MENU” and click on “My Wallets”.

Now select the wallet in which you want to deposit money.

Click on “Withdraw Shapeshift” near the top right corner of the screen.

If it is your first time performing withdrawal from shapeshift, then you will be prompted to enter your shapeshift API Key before moving forward further.  

After entering the API key, click on “Continue”, It should prompt you to authorize Trust Wallet for this action. 

After clicking continue again, you are done! Your funds are now available in your trust wallet account. You can see them in your funds tab and you can send them to anyone anywhere in the world.

CoinPayments and ShapeShift are both platforms that let you exchange cryptocurrencies. They each have their own unique pros and cons but they do share a key similarity – they both offer fee-less withdrawal options for those wallets that support them.

In case if Coinpayments or Shapeshift don’t work out for you, then I would suggest trying to use the “token relay” feature mentioned above as an alternative option to deposit money in your wallet.

However, it’s worth noting here that this method might not be suitable for everyone as it requires some technical expertise and CoinPayments/Shapeshift integration is still considered to be in the Beta stage.

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I will be sharing more detailed tutorials on each of these methods for depositing money in the Trust Wallet, so make sure to check back soon.

If you have any questions about how to deposit money into your wallet then simply leave a comment below. I will try my best to answer all your queries ASAP. You can also connect with me directly through Gmail or Telegram.

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