How to Enable Soundcloud Dark Mode

Do you want a dark mode on

Soundcloud has a white and neutral design with some parts of the website having a dark background. It is not as beautiful as other music streaming sites such as Spotify with its Dark Theme, but this is something that can be fixed by using Stylish or any similar Chrome extension to change the color scheme on

Benefits Of Dark Mode:

Save your eyes from straining.

Have a good sleep as the melatonin generation is stimulated by the lack of blue color in Dark Mode.

Web developers will now be able to develop better websites without having to focus on accessibility for those who are impaired or sensitive to light.

Dark colors are more immersive and might help you stay focused longer on the task at hand.

Steps To Enable Soundcloud Dark Theme:

1. First you need to install Stylish

2. Once it is installed and activated, type in your browser’s search bar chrome://extensions/

3. Scroll down until you find “Stylish” and click the box next to it

4. Now go to

5. Click on your user profile and under settings, go to Design

6. There should be a section called “Customize Theme” with all the colors that appear on

7. Click on any color and it will open up a section below where you can change the color by using the HEX code or clicking “More Colors” and selecting them from there

8. Select any color and then click “Save Theme” and it should work after that!

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So that is how you can enable the Dark Theme on Soundcloud and it should work for all versions of chrome just like Stylish itself. The best part about this website is that it has a lot of customizability and there are many other things that you can change such as font size, font consistency, etc.

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