How to Fix When Hulu Is Not Working on Fire Stick

Do you watch Hulu on your Fire Stick? No matter what you do the app is not working! Let’s discuss why it might be down, how to fix this issue, and other solutions for when Hulu is not working.

Hulu is an American entertainment company that provides streaming video on demand and has a great collection of premium entertainment. It also offers live TV programming for news and sports channels like Fox News, CNN, etc.

It was founded by three former PayPal employees in 2007 and now it has become one of the world’s leading online entertainment company having more than 36 million U.S registrations with a huge number of users from around the world other than the USA.

Hulu has been around for a long time now, the streaming service gives users free access to content in exchange for watching ads. There are plenty of shows available on the platform right now that range from older Disney cartoons to newer episodes of hit TV shows like The Big Bang Theory. As with anything that deals with advertising, sometimes there are problems.

Watch live tv episodes or movies on Hulu using firestick without any problems, here we have listed different ways to fix when Hulu not working on Fire Stick.

What Causes the Hulu Not Working Issue?

Old Device That Cannot Properly Handle Flash Video Players:

If you have an old device for streaming purposes then chances are it cannot handle flash video. Hulu is mostly flash-based, so when you try and load the website it just makes your device work harder than it should.

The best thing you can do here is to either get a new device or find an alternative streaming service that works on your hardware.

Bad Signal:

If your internet signal isn’t very strong then this could be causing your problem. Even though Hulu may not require much in terms of bandwidth, bad connection speeds will still cause issues for you while trying to load the video player.

Try viewing through another browser if possible or simply wait until your internet access has stabilized itself before trying again.

Video Player Not Loading:

Sometimes the application’s video player doesn’t fully come up on screen does not play at all even when you can see the player. In this situation, Hulu is definitely down and you need to wait a little while for them to get back up and running before trying again.

Fire Stick Hulu App Not Working

Following are the few steps which you could try to fix the Hulu is not working issue on the FireStick device.

Let’s proceed with the steps now!

1: Use a VPN to Change Your IP Address

You can use VPN or Virtual Private Network to change your IP address, if Hulu is blocked in your country then using VPN you can access Hulu content there are many free VPN available you can simply download and use them for this purpose.

Most people don’t know how to set up a VPN as there is always some issue while following tutorials as they don’t even bother learning it.

Here we have written an article about how to install and use a VPN, go through that article carefully and learn step by step procedure of setting up a VPN on your devices.

2: Clear Your Browser’s Cache and Cookies

Sometimes the Hulu website bugs up and does not load correctly due to corrupted cache saved in the browser, just resetting cache and cookies could fix that issue.

3: Restart Your Router and Modem

Restarting your router and modem can also fix many technical issues related to the internet. This might sound stupid or silly but works most of the time when nothing else is working for you.

It is recommended to restart both routers as well as modem whenever you experience any network connectivity issue, by doing this you are ensuring that there are no glitches with your internet connection hardware or settings.

4: Uninstall/Reinstall Hulu Application on Fire Stick

Reinstalling the Hulu app on Fire Stick is another possible fix to the Hulu issue. Sometimes the Hulu app is not completely downloaded on your device, simply uninstall and reinstall it again from Fire TV App Store.

5: Clear Cache of Device Running on Fire OS (Fire Stick or Fire TV)

Cleaning cache can solve some software issues if you are running a device based on an Android operating system such as Amazon’s Firestick.

For people using this streaming player for watching their favorite shows and movies, we do not recommend doing this but still, if you want to give it a try then here’s how to delete cache on firestick.

Follow these simple steps:

Go to “Settings” -> Click on Applications -> Select Manage Installed -> Find and select “Hulu” app -> Click on “Clear Cache” option.

If Hulu is working fine on firestick then you can go back to your home screen and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows without any hassle.


I hope it will solve your problem and you can enjoy watching your favorite shows on Hulu. If you still face the issue, comment below we will try to reply as soon as possible.

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