Where is The Roku Link Code

The Roku TV is a television that runs a version of the Roku media player as its operating system. The device does not come with an RF remote (it uses Wi-Fi to communicate), but it does come packaged with a standard infrared remote control. With the addition of an optional MHL adaptor and an IR emitter, the Roku TV can also function as an A/V receiver for a home entertainment system.

Roku TVs come in three models: streaming stick, set-top box, and integrated TV. The original version of the Roku TV comes preloaded with assorted apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, Hulu Plus, Angry Birds Space, and YouTube.

To enjoy all of this you will need a link code for Roku TV. Major steps to get Roku Link code Includes:

  • Account Creation
  • Connect your device to Roku Account
  • Activate Your Link code

Roku Account Setup

Roku is a streaming box that allows you to stream audio/video content via the internet. One of its impressive features is the ability to customize your home screen which can show streamed content, local or computer media. This guide will walk you through the initial setup and create an account for future use.

How to Get Roku Link code

  1. Turn on your TV and type “Roku” into the search box.
  2. In your TV, download and install the Roku software.
  3. Create an account on Roku.
  4. Now, use your Roku login information to sign in.
  5. You’ll receive a Roku link code that you may copy and paste.
  6. Access Roku Link Code
  7. Enter Link Code and click on Submit.

Connect your device to Roku Account

Roku streaming player, TV, or stick is a device that plugs into your television and allows you to stream content like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Video over the Internet.

Once you create a Roku account free of cost then you can access the best streaming apps from anywhere in the world.

  1. Go to Roku Support
  2. There is a complete setup, connect you device which you want. Setup consists the following
  • Roku streaming player setup
  • Roku TV setup
  • Activating your Roku

Activating Roku Link

  1. Start Roku Tv through remote and code will appear
  2. Enter that code on Roku Link
  3. Enjoy


This article was written as an explanation on how to find link code on Roku TVs. It involves scrolling through settings for Roku TVs and looking for the link code in a certain section.


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