How to Get VLC on Roku: Download & Install

Roku is a device that helps to stream movies and TV shows from the internet. The VLC media player can play videos in almost all formats, while Roku supports only a few of them. So how to get vlc on Roku?

Here I will tell you simple steps to download and install vlc for Roku to access any video file in it.

Why we need VLC media Player on Roku?

Before I tell you how to get a vlc player on Roku, I will explain why it is needed? The main reason is that Roku supports very few video formats while VLC media players can play almost every form available.

So if someone wants to stream a video in MKV or other formats which are not supported by Roku, then there is no other option but to use a third-party media player like VLC, which also works well for this purpose.

On Roku, some apps can play MKV files, but it will be better to have a pre-installed player like VLC instead of installing a third-party app.

Now that you know the importance of VLC player, how to get it on Roku. Unlike most media streaming devices which can be jailbroken and easily hacked, Roku is free from these kinds of problems.

It doesn’t support any kind of modifications so getting vlc on Roku is a bit difficult task. You cannot get vlc on Roku by installing it through the official channel because there’s no such option available in its channel store.

No one knows why they’ve not added VLC. That’s why we have shared the method with our readers. By the way, you can also install IPTV on Roku too.

How to download VLC on Roku using the play store app

  1. To watch movies or TV shows on Roku, first, you need to set up an account with one of the popular movie streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime video, etc.
  2. And once your setup is complete, it’s time for the next step which is getting some media player apps.
  3. Among them, VLC is the best option as it can play almost every format available out there. Here are steps for how to get vlc on Roku :
  4. First you need to install a Roku player on your Tv. For that go to and sign up for a new account.
  5. Now on the main menu go to settings > system update and check for the latest update.
  6. 5Go back and open the Playstore app from your Roku player screen.
  7. In the search bar write VLC media player or you can simply click here and press enter. It will show up in the list, select it and install it.
  8. After installation open the VLC media player. It will ask you for permission to communicate between your Roku device, accept it.
  9. Now close any running video in the VLC player which is currently playing by pressing stop twice ( 2x ) and then play a new file by double-clicking on an MKV file.
  10. Enjoy watching Movies & TV Shows on Roku.

How can I cast VLC onto my TV from my smartphone?

First of all, you need to download and install the VLC Media player on your Android phone. You can do it by clicking on this link: Google PlayStore.

  1. Once you have installed the app successfully on your device, open VLC player application first and go to Menu > Playback > Renderer .
  2. Now, open Roku player and follow this path: Home Screen > Search > Movies/TV Shows .
  3. Click on the search icon in the main menu and you will be redirected to a new window wherein you need to type ‘Movies’ or ‘TV Shows’.
  4. A list of TV shows and movies will appear before your eyes.
  5. Now, you can choose any movie or show according to your wish and start playing it!
  6. That’s all! Enjoy unlimited entertainment with ease now.

Pros and cons of using vlc over other streaming services


  • You can stream your local videos from your PC to VLC player on Roku
  • You do not need to pay for vlc or rent movies like in Amazon instant video, Netflix.
  • With open-source code, you can customize it with ease (such as subtitles).


  • Requires an extra hardware

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of the “Renderer” feature in the VLC player?

To put it simply, a “renderer” is a kind of device that will receive music files from another device via a network. You just need to tap on this option ‘Renderer’ to successfully cast VLC on Roku from an Android smartphone.

What are the prerequisites needed for streaming VLC on Roku?

To stream VLC on Roku, both the devices need to be connected to the same network. Also, it’s pretty helpful if both of your gadgets are associated with a stable internet connection as well.

What is the difference between Search and Discovery features in Roku?

The ‘Search’ feature lets you search movies and TV shows directly from your Roku player using your smartphone device via another streaming player such as VLC or Chrome.

On the other hand, you can use the ‘ Discovery ‘ option on Roku for listening to songs by artists/ record labels, etc. So you can say that ‘Discovery’ is kind of like a radio channel that gives real-time updates on new songs, music videos, etc.

How can I use the “Renderer” feature on the VLC player to cast VLC from an Android device?

Simply tap on the ‘Menu’ icon and select the “Tools” option to use this feature. After that, just move down a little by scrolling your fingertips and find the ‘Render’ option among different options which appear in the list. Now you have successfully enabled the renderer mode of the VLC player.

All that is left now is to open up the Roku app and then tap on the ‘Settings’ icon followed by selecting your desired media streaming channel such as PlayON etc. In this step, you must choose the streaming device to connect with VLC PLAYER RENDERER running on an Android smartphone.

How can I find out the number of devices connected with Roku?

If you want to know about connected devices for Roku, all you need to do is tap on the ‘Settings’ icon, followed by choosing the ‘My Account’ option among all other available options. Once you have done this, simply click on ‘Account Information’ Now select the last option, i.e., Remote Control. It will tell you about the number of devices currently connected to your Roku media streaming player.

What is the benefit of using the ‘Play on Roku’ option?

Once you have connected your preferred media channels with Roku, it will help you to cast music and videos from Android smartphone or tablet directly to the Roku device. So if you have an extensive collection of audio/ video files stored on your mobile devices, this feature helps a lot! As a result, you can enjoy unlimited audio/video content on your big screen instantly!

How can I turn off my “Renderer” mode after streaming VLC onto the Roku channel?

To do so, simply tap on the ‘Menu’ icon and select the ‘Tools’ option. After that, just go down a little by scrolling your fingertips and find the ‘Stop’ option among different options which appear in the list. Finally, you have successfully turned off your renderer mode on the Roku device.


If still any questions arise in your mind regarding VLC Player for Roku, please feel free to ask us through the comments below. We will try our best to solve them out. Till then, goodbye!

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