How To Hide Apps on Android Without Root

Have you ever wanted to hide any app on your Android phone? Maybe it’s an app that is embarrassing or one that has the information you don’t want others to see.

You can easily hide apps without rooting your Android device through the use of third-party apps. I’ve used Hide It Pro and it worked quite well.

Hide Apps On Android Without Apps

1. Locate an app that you want to hide. You can either use the menu button or touch and hold the app until it pops up a small menu with 3 options: Open/Uninstall/App Info. Choose App Info

2. Once you choose App Info, your device will ask if you want to view App Info for All Apps.

Choose Yes.

3. The next screen contains all of the apps stored on your device. Scroll down until you find the one you want to hide (it should be at the top because it was most recently installed).

Uncheck Show in Launcher and tap OK.

4. You can repeat these steps to hide multiple apps and they’ll all be hidden from the app drawer and the home screen, but not completely gone.

How To Hide Apps On Android With Apps

If you are having trouble getting rid of apps with the above method, use one of these best app hiders on Android devices.

They will do all the work for you and keep your phone protected.

1. Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro is a free app that allows you to easily hide any apps on an Android device. All you have to do is open it up choose the apps that you want to hide or select All Apps in order to cover your bases, then press HIDE Selected Apps.

That’s it! You can also create a password so nobody else can access your secret files.

It works better than some other similar programs because there are no ads, which means no distractions when it comes time for hiding those private photos or videos.

2. Just Lock It

Just Lock It is another Android app that lets users hide apps, photos and videos. You can choose exactly which apps and files you want to lock and in what order (the most important one goes first).

When you’re done creating your list, click the lock icon at the bottom or tap Hide.

The app will tell you when it’s complete and then ask if you want to make a backup for all of your locked items — this way you can restore them in case something happens (if someone gets a hold of your phone, for example).

Just remember that having backups means sending personal data over the Internet when restoring backups, so be sure to use wifi when restoring from an online backup.

3. Locket

Locket is a lock screen app for Android devices. It lets you maintain privacy by hiding the apps behind a password, PIN or fingerprint.

You can choose which apps can be unlocked with each of these methods.

For example, if you don’t want to use your fingerprints as the primary unlocking method on your phone, then select either Password or PIN instead.

Of course, you have to type that in every time you unlock your device — but at least no one else will see those embarrassing Tinder matches or LastPass master password!

4. Play Store Apps

Hide it Pro, Just Lock It and Locket are great choices when it comes to hide private photos and videos on Android devices because they also allow users to protect their phones from prying eyes.

For example, you can hide certain apps from the app drawer and protect the rest of them with a password.

If you have kids who like to snoop, this is a great way to keep your phone’s contents private without worrying about losing everything in a “crash.”

5. FingerSecurity – Fingerprint Scanner Pro

You can use FingerSecurity – Fingerprint Scanner Pro in order to lock your device by using your fingerprint scanner.

It also lets you add an extra layer of security on top of that by requiring multiple fingers before it will unlock.

For example, if you’re going to work and want different restrictions depending on the day or time then just add each finger three times — one for Monday-Thursday and another for Friday-Sunday.


The best way to hide an app on Android is by using Hide it Pro, Just Lock It or Locket. They are all great apps that won’t leave you frustrated.

If you’re looking to keep your phone safe from prying eyes, then simply lock everything with a password instead of worrying about hiding the apps because this will provide the same amount of privacy while also protecting your device.

The best way to get rid of unwanted apps in Android is by uninstalling them manually when you need extra space — only temporarily though!

When they aren’t taking up space anymore, reinstall them so nobody else can see what’s inside them. Good luck!

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