How to Install PlayStation Vue on Apple TV

Do you want to watch PlayStation Vue on Apple TV? If YES, then keep reading through our blog post, to know the step by step procedure.

Sony has launched PlayStation Vue, which is an affordable live TV streaming service that lets you watch your favourite channels (e.g., ESPN, AMC, etc.) on several devices like PCs, smartphones, tablets, Roku, Fire TV and now even on Apple devices i.e. iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

It also allows you to download the apps for Android OS as well as iOS devices like Androids (phones/tablets), iPhones or iPads.

You can enjoy entertainment at home but no worries if you are out of town; it even allows you to stream PlayStation Vue content anywhere in the world with an internet connection! So all credit goes to Sony for this awesome feature!

Sony has also updated this service with a new feature called ‘PlayStation Vue cloud DVR’. This feature lets its users watch recorded content via Apple TV.

It is updated free of cost and the best part is that Sony further claims it can record an unlimited number of shows without paying anything extra.

But, if you wish to add another family member with their own profiles and DVR space, then it will cost an additional $10/month per person.

Now, let’s see the step by step guide, to install PS Vue on APPLE TV;

You can also install kodi on ps 3,4,5.

Steps To Install PlayStation Vue On Apple TV

Step 1. Open App Store on Apple TV

First of all, you have to download the application on your Apple TV. To do the same, just open ‘App Store’ on your Apple TV and search for PlayStation Vue.

Step 2. Read The Description of The App By Clicking On “More Info” Button

Once you have found it, click on ‘More Info. It will take you to a new screen where you have to read about all the features offered by this app.

In case if you want, then download other apps from there as well!

Step 3. Click On Install Button

In order to download the application, press the ‘Install’ button present at the bottom left corner of your device’s screen.

It can ask for a confirmation before installing it but don’t worry; by pressing the ‘Continue’ button it will start downloading the application.

Step 4. “Accept” Terms And Conditions

Now, you have to accept ‘Terms & Conditions’ of PlayStation Vue lest your Apple TV won’t allow the installation of this app.

So click on the “Agree” button available in all required languages at the bottom left corner of your screen when it asks for acceptance of these terms.

Step 5. Go through the Product tour

After accepting these terms and conditions, your device will take you through a product tour where you will get detailed information about PlayStation Vue.

It is not mandatory that you must read everything but I recommend you to do so before actually using this application!

After going through the tour, press the ‘Done’ button on the top right side of your TV screen.

Step 6. Create An Account Using Email Id, Credentials and Password

Once the product tour is completed, you will get a message that says ‘Create Your Free Account.

After reading the same just click on the “Next” button on the top left side of your screen to create an account using your email address and credentials along with a password that you want to use.

It is mandatory that you should provide correct details here otherwise Sony won’t allow you to proceed further!

So be careful while typing the right email id and other details because there’s no chance for correction or asking for an explanation after providing wrong information so try not to make any mistakes!

Step 7. Setup The Device

Now, it’ll ask for permission to access your location and allow it or else PlayStation Vue won’t work!

So you have to click on the Next button on the top left side of your screen after checking all the boxes.

Step 8. Setup Wireless Network

After that, it’ll ask for wireless network name and password so just provide them correctly with which you want to connect PS Vue. So just click ‘Next’ in the top right corner again since it’s a mandatory thing here.

Step 9. Finish The Installation

Now, you will be navigated to a new screen where it’ll show up a few offers which can be useful for you like “Start a free 7-day trial”, “Upgrade Subscription” etc or else go back by hitting on the Cancel button.

To proceed further, just click on ‘Next’ in the top left corner.

Step 10. Go through Privacy Policy

Now, you will be asked to read the Privacy Policy of PlayStation Vue. Since it’s not mandatory so just press the ‘Next’ button on the top right side of your screen to go ahead.

If you wish then you can read all the details by clicking on the “More Options” tab available on the top right side of your TV screen after pressing ‘More Options’ tab.

Step 11. Select The Best For You!

Once done with the Privacy policy, it’ll ask about “How would like to pay for PlayStation Vue”.

It can be paid automatically or manually or else you can choose between free trial one-month packages by selecting them. Tap on the one that suits you!

Step 12. Enter Payment Details

After choosing a free trial package, it’ll ask for your credit card information to get PlayStation Vue charged automatically every month after the trial period.

So just enter all the details carefully without making any mistakes because it can charge your account if the wrong information is provided so try not to make any mistake here by reading the digits carefully while entering them!

Step 13. Start Your Free Trial!

After providing all the necessary payment details, you will get a message saying “How nice of you to join us and enjoy our service”, and now click on “Start Watching” in the top left side of your TV screen in order to watch live TV channels available on PlayStation Vue.

You can use your credit card to upgrade anytime during the free trial period if you aren’t satisfied with the service by going through the ‘Upgrade’ tab in the top left corner.

If not then just wait for the subscription to automatically renew after trial period ends!

Step 14. Enjoy The Service

Once you click the “Start Watching” button, it’ll start streaming live TV channels on your Apple TV as soon as possible and enjoy PlayStation Vue!

You can close this application anytime by pressing the home button on your remote control and reopening it again when required because it’s not mandatory that you should open this application always!


This is how easy it is to install and set up PlayStation Vue on Apple TV and I hope this article will be helpful for those who want to try out PlayStation Vue on their Apple TV and get amazed by its service!

Enjoy watching live channels of your favorite TV shows and movies on PlayStation Vue! Once you will be satisfied with the services, you can upgrade your subscription anytime after the trial period ends to enjoy premium features like more channels, better quality etc.

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