How To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program

If you want to learn how to earn money from the amazon affiliate program, then you are at the right place.

Everyone wants to make money from home. If you’re looking for a way of earning income on the side or perhaps starting a business with little capital, then affiliate marketing may be your answer.

This is a very easy thing and anyone can learn and earn some extra money online starting with just $100 per month easily without doing any mistake.

Many affiliate bloggers are actually earning month from Amazon Affiliate Program while blogging, so if you still thinking about how to make money from the internet while sitting in the comfort of your home,

How Does Amazon Associates Work?

Affiliate marketing is the selling of goods and services by another party through an affiliate. In this case, one will set up any source of the audience, and then selling different types of products from

And earn a commission when visitors buy it from Amazon’s store through that particular affiliate link. It’s very easy to get started in affiliate marketing, but one must also understand some key aspects that go into running a successful program.

So… Who Are We Dealing With?

People worldwide have come to trust Amazon as a safe, secure retail option for their online shopping needs. In addition to that, Amazon also provides a number of other services which include: e-reading, mobile

How to get started with Amazon affiliate program

The Amazon Affiliate Program is a great way for website owners to make money. This article will show you how to join and start making money as an affiliate.

1) Create an account at

2) Go to the Programs & Services page and click on “Associates”

3) Sign in with your new account (or use your existing Amazon account if you have one).

You will then see two options: 1) sign up as an individual seller, or 2) sign up as a website owner.

If you’re signing up as a website owner, just enter your site’s URL and other information about your site.

4) After that, your sign-up process would be completed, you can also check via email in your inbox

5) Atlast you are good to go with promoting amazon products, and you can start earning $$$ from the sales you have generated.

Pros and Cons of the program :


  1. You can make money without too much difficulty.
  2. You can make a good amount of money off small items.


  1. The program is not as well known as some other affiliates (such as Ebay or Google).
  2. You may not be able to make money very quickly (depending on traffic).
  3. There is a yearly fee.
  4. It is difficult for members in some countries (such as Germany or China) to join the program because Amazon resides in the US and only trusts US based bank accounts.

Tips for success in the program

The best items to sell are small things that people tend to buy often (such as batteries, which would be perfect for holidays or birthdays).

You can find new releases on Amazon. If you have a product that is being released soon, try to promote it before the release date so more people will see it while it’s relevant.

Try to get many pages on your site linked to your Amazon affiliate account. This can be difficult if you have no money for advertising or if you don’t have guests post links on their sites.

Once you figure out what people like to buy (for example, they might like electronic accessories), try branching off into even more related products (such as chargers, cases, etc).

Promote your affiliate link often. If the product is hot or seasonal (Eg., Christmas or holidays), you can make more money because people are more likely to buy the item.

If you have a few website pages on different sites, try putting up some ads for amazon on those sites (just remember not to violate any of the site’s rules or terms and conditions).

You might be able to get away with it if you add a tiny ad in one corner of the page (that way it won’t look too out of place). Make sure that you don’t use popups and that your site doesn’t look messy.

Be careful when choosing which items to promote: If you promote something that doesn’t sell, you won’t make any money.

The most important tip: Make sure your site looks professional! If it does not look professional, people will not take your site seriously and this will be bad for business. You might consider having a few guests post links on their sites in order to get more traffic going to your Amazon affiliate account.

FAQs about the program

What is the Amazon affiliate program?

A. It’s an affiliate program that allows you to promote via your website or blog by placing ads on guest posts, widgets, text links and more!

How can I join the Amazon affiliate program?

A A. You have two choices:
1) Join as an individual seller (Eg., If you are selling a few items online).
2) Join as a professional merchant (If you’re looking for discounts on products in bulk – this option will be better for you). By choosing this option, you must either own your own company or work for one (the reason why they require this is because they need to know that you are “legitimate”, otherwise, the company itself might be looked at as illegitimate).

What is

A site where people can find almost every product imaginable (books, clothes, electronics, jewelry, etc.). You can either buy items or order them for later delivery (if you do not want to pay for shipping but still want the item).

How does amazon make money?

They sell products via their website! If you purchase something from them then they get a small percentage of what it cost to make that product + an extra amount of money based on how much profit was made on selling it. So, if a product costs them $10 to make and they sell it for $15, then they make a total of $5 from each item sold.

Is it illegal or against amazon’s terms and conditions to use their affiliate program on websites that are not associated with Amazon?

No! They do not care how you advertise their website (as long as you don’t break any laws). Of course, if you promote things like “miracle pills” or dodgy products, your site might get deleted/banned by amazon (and other companies may choose to block your IP address). NOTE: If your site is violating copyright laws (for example, if you post ten songs that are copyrighted on your site without permission), you could get in trouble with the authorities.

How do I know which items to promote?

You just have to look at the niche of your website, like if your blog is about health, then you can promote some health-related products, or in case of any other niche choose product accordingly


The Amazon affiliate program can be a great way to make extra money online. You don’t have to sell items on your site, you just have to direct people to and if they buy anything then you get a percentage of their purchase! Of course, it is very important that your website looks professional so people take you seriously! Good luck promoting amazon!

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