How To Remove A Filter On Someone Else’s Photo

Do you want to remove a filter from someone else’s photo? It’s actually quite easy to do! Just follow these simple steps:

Remove Filter From Someone Else’s Photo

Step 1. First, find a picture that you’d like to remove the filter from. It can be any photo you want.

Step 2. Next, make sure the image is clearly visible on your computer screen without scrolling up or down.

Step 3. Now it’s time to open the photo in Photoshop! Open any version of Adobe Photoshop and go to “File” then click “Open.” Once opened, find the image file you wish to edit, and double click it. It should now appear inside of Adobe Photoshop on your screen.

Step 4. Now we must separate the background from the object we wish to filter out: Select the magic wand tool (it looks like a little magic wand.) Make sure your settings match below:

Here are my recommended settings for step: Tolerance: 0 Anti-alias: Checked Selection mode: Normal

Your settings might be different but try copying mine first before changing them to make it easier.

Step 5. After you’ve done this, click inside the picture. You should now see a little plus sign appear. If not, make sure you’re clicking inside it correctly. Once you see the plus sign, hold SHIFT and then click on something that is clearly not your object (to limit selection.)

Step 6. You will need to repeat this process until everything has been selected around your object. This image below shows what it looks like once everything has been highlighted with the magic wand tool.

Step 7. Now go to “Select” at the top of Photoshop and choose “Inverse.” By doing so, your object should now be deselected while everything else remains selected!

Only one more thing needs to be done before you can delete the object in its entirety. Go up to “Filter” at the top of Photoshop, and find “Blur.” Once you’ve found “Blur,” choose any radius that is comfortable for you. I recommend anywhere between .5-2.

Step 8. And now you’re done! Just press CTRL + S (Save) on your computer keyboard to save your project before closing Photoshop! Easy right?

Removing filters from photos have been that easier!

Now all you have to do is send it off wherever you wish or reupload it yourself to share with friends through social media sites! Have fun editing pictures without filters;-)

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