How to Stream Twitch on Xbox

Do you have an Xbox? and want it to stream Twitch? Well, I got the guide for you.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to stream your favourite Twitch streamers from Xbox One. You can also install showbox on xbobx one.

This is for people who have a PC and want to watch something on it, so let’s get started

How to Stream Twitch on Xbox

Well, to start off you will need 2 things

1. A PC with Twitch installed

2. An Xbox One S/X Console

Step 1. Connecting the PC and Xbox One

First, you need to connect your PC and Xbox One to the same network. This is typically done by using an ethernet cable from your router.

Once this is done, launch Twitch on both devices.

After that has been completed, sign in to your account.

Step 2: Setting up a Desktop Presenter 

Now you should be signed in on both devices, it’s time to make sure they can see each other even though they are on different networks.

Now go onto the settings tab on your Xbox Home screen and go down until you see “Connected Devices” Click that option then select “Add Device”.

In there, look for a device name starting with “itch”, then follow those instructions. If you want to, you can also check “Automatically send game clips to my activity feed” so that any game clips you record will be sent over to your Xbox.

Step 3: Open Broadcast Software

Now all you need to do is open OBS on the PC and go through with setting up a new scene or adding Twitch as an output if it’s already added.

After this, start streaming on Twitch by clicking the green button or going into settings and changing Streaming Services.

You can now choose Twitch from their list of services. Now go onto the Xbox One Home screen where your broadcast should pop up showing what’s being streamed.

There are many other things that must be done before streaming on Xbox One but I cannot mention them all on here. I hope you found this guide useful and good luck with streaming!

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