How to Watch Showbox on Roku

How to Watch Showbox on Roku

In this article, I will show you how to watch Showbox on Roku. Don’t worry, it’s super easy! All you have to do is download the app from your phone and follow these steps.

The site also has a list of all the episodes with links so that way you don’t have to search for them yourself! So if you’re looking for something new or want a refresher on an old episode then go ahead and give this blog post a read.

Showbox Overview

Showbox is a free and popular app among Android users for watching movies and TV shows online. The best thing about Showbox is that it doesn’t require any membership or login to watch the latest released movies and TV shows.

You can also download your favorite shows with 1080p HD video quality. Using Showbox, you can watch any TV show or movie on your smartphone no matter where you are.

It allows users to browse the library of TV shows and movies, list top played movies by rating, genres list, etc. Users can view detailed information about each title (summary, review).

Once a user selects the desired item they want to watch, it gets added to the queue list for watching it instantly or download it for offline viewing.

That’s not all; there is a separate category for children’s movies and a list of TV shows.

Users can bookmark their favorite show box items so they never have to worry about losing them. This feature comes in really handy when you are watching multiple series at the same time, or you want to watch your movie collection frequently.

You can even set the preferred video quality standard on the viewing preference menu available under settings.

There are five different qualities to choose from @ 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p & 2160p. Showbox also supports subtitles within the app, users can adjust font size as per their convenience.

Users who do not wish to search for content each time will be glad to know that Showbox allows adding movies. Hope you would have got an overview of Showbox.

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Now let’s talk about its features which will make you install it on your Roku.

Showbox Features

  • The Showbox app is a feature-packed app that gives you access to the latest movie shows and TV series.
  • Many people use this application for free movies, but there are plenty of extra features offered by Showbox which makes it one of the best choices available on the market. It’s not just about watching HD movies, but also download them.
  • Unlike other similar apps, Showbox supports streaming over WiFi connections, so there is no problem in using 4G or LTE data plans.
  • You can download your favorite movies and watch them even when you are offline. This feature works perfectly with Chromecast devices as well, allowing you to stream downloaded content directly onto your big screen without any problems whatsoever!

How to Watch Showbox on Roku?

In order to watch Showbox on your Roku, follow these steps.

  1. If you don’t have the Roku player, then go to the Roku website and buy one.
  2. Now sign in to your Roku account using the details you filled in while buying it so that it will link with your account.
  3. After signing in, now click on the Channel Store option available on left side menu bar of your TV screen so as to enter into Channel Store where you can find a variety of channels available for Roku players like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc…
  4. At the Channel Store Search section type Showbox and hit the OK button to search for the ShowBox app.
  5. Now you’ll find several results for different apps but what you need is just “Show Box App”, click on the show box app icon which will take you to the app page for Showbox.
  6. On the next screen, click on Add Channel option available at the right bottom side of your TV screen or hit the Install button if you are using Roku remote control so as to install the show box app on your Roku device.
  7. Now after successful installation, go back to the home screen and look for the show box icon there so as to launch it…
  8. After launching successfully, now connect internet connection with your roku player through a wireless router…
  9. You’ll find several options like movie searches, latest movies, etc… available at the left navigation bar of the showbox app…..Just click on any movie link (recommended) and start watching it….
  10. That’s all

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I watch shows on Showbox through my PC?

Yes, you can also watch the latest and old movies and Tv shows on your PC by installing ShowBox app from the play store or from any other trusted site.

Does this app work without an internet connection?

No, it doesn’t. You need a good internet connection for the smooth running of the ShowBox App in your device…and yes no more streaming problems if you have an unlimited data plan with your service provider!

Why should I use VPN or proxy to open the Showbox website?

Proxy sites like HideMyAss give 360 Protection – hide your IP address, identity, and location from websites and online trackers for total privacy while using the Internet.

How do I link my roku device to my Showbox account?

After Installing the Showbox app on your Roku, enter your username and password into the required details and hit the login button.

Does this app have Chromecast support?

Yes, you can cast every apk file from PC or android mobile to smart TV using Chromecast easily.

Can I download movies from Showbox through Mac iPad or iPhone?

The answer is No… You can only stream downloaded movie files from Mac Laptops to iOS devices but not download them….!

On which Android version does the show box work best?

It works perfectly well on Android v4.4 or higher versions…..


To conclude, it’s extremely easy for anyone to watch Showbox on their Roku device using this method. If you are facing any issues, then feel free to ask in the comment section below. We would be glad to help you out!

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