How to Watch YouTube Kids on Roku (2022)

YouTube Kids is a free app available on Roku that allows you to watch age-appropriate content for kids without any worry of what they might stumble upon. How to Watch YouTube Kids on Roku? If you have children, this app has been a lifesaver! I love being able to sit down and relax while my son watches something fun and educational.

Watch Youtube Kids On Roku.

There are two ways of adding youtube kids on Roku, either through youtube, but it is unsafe, or by casting through Andriod or IOs.

Roku Screen Mirroring

  1. On your Roku device, please turn it on.
  2. Go to the System settings menu
  3. Go to Settings > System settings. Set Screen mirroring to Always Allow in the Mirroring section.

Screen Mirror using Android

  • Connect your Android device to the same WiFi network as your Roku device;
  • Open screen mirroring; choose your Roku device;
  • Go back to youtube and play a video on your phone;
  • Now you can cast it to Roku and enjoy the video on the big screen (don’t use this option if you have an Android tablet, that’s why we’re doing the next option)

Screen Mirror using IOs

  • For iPhones and iPads, you will need to download a screen mirroring app such as Smart View by Roku.
  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same WiFi network as your Roku device.
  • Open up the Smart View App on your iOS device and choose your Roku device.
  • Now play any video from Youtube on either device. When you go back to youtube, it might not seem like anything is playing because once casting starts, it hides the control bar, but if you touch the screen there, you’ll see a pause button that will allow you to play/pause everything going across.
  • You can now enjoy YouTube Kids videos on your TV with Roku!

Youtube Kids Features

The youtube kids app is a great way to keep your children entertained, and it also has some exciting features that make it even better for those with children. If you have not yet used the app, then here are some of its features:

Quiet mode: This is ideal for parents who want their kids to watch what they want but do not like getting distracted by other things. It can filter out all those horrible and terrifying comments and boot off any video requests from the little ones.

Super-powered search: Sometimes, when kids ask for something, they do not precisely know how to describe it. With super-powered search, all they need to do is type in vague descriptions like “toy,” and the app will filter through all the videos related to toys.

Family-friendly content: This feature ensures that your child watches only family-friendly content, which is just any video you have marked as suitable for them to watch. You can easily keep a video by tapping on it when you watch it on your device at home.

Add videos from other channels: If your little one has discovered another channel, then this feature means that children can add videos found on another track so they can watch them later on youtube kids.

Turn off suggested videos: One of the features that I think is a great idea; however, it does get rather annoying when your kids keep asking to watch another video from the suggestions. Thankfully you can turn this feature off so your children will only watch videos from channels that you have approved.

Reorder suggested videos: Children who use youtube kids love recommended videos, and they want to watch them one after the other. Suppose your children accidentally tap on a suggested video. In that case, there is no need to worry, as you can reorder all of these recommendations, so they do not become a distraction.

The search bar: There are two ways for children to find new content on youtube kids, and that is through either searching or within featured collections such as “pop, fizz, clink,” where they will discover “kid friendly videos with great music.”

YouTube Kids is an app with so many fantastic features designed to entertain the little ones. All you need to do now is get it onto your Roku device.


Cartoons and anime entertain kids, and poems but Youtube can show sensitive stuff to underage kids. YouTube Kids is the best option, and in this article, I showed you how to watch youtube kids on Roku. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you face any problem, then ask me in the comments section below, then goodbye.

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