How to Withdraw Money from Tiktok Creator Fund

Do you have some money saved up with Tiktok Creator Fund? and want to withdraw it? then you are at the right place.

The Tiktok Creator Fund is a fund for winners of the weekly contest. Its main purpose is to be won by its creators, but there are ways of obtaining it other than competitions.

Summoners can only withdraw the fund if they attain more than 3,000 stars in their videos each month; if they do so successfully, this will result in them receiving at least $20 every week.

However, you must remember that no matter how popular your video becomes or how many views you get on your videos (or content), IMC does not owe you anything! All earnings made from their platform go towards paying off server expenses and development updates.

This feature is simply provided to allow a bigger earning opportunity for content creators who have a lot of followers.

Steps to Withdraw Money from Tiktok Creator Fund

All you need is to have an amount in your account and you can begin the withdrawal process. If you don’t, here’s how to make some easy magic stones; [HERE].

Please note that this will not add any money to your Tiktok Creator Fund, but will provide additional funds for future withdraws.

The following steps are crucial because if done wrong, there is no way of getting it back!

I highly suggest you take care while going about the below steps; please be careful and good luck! (Can we say that?)

Step 1) Log into Tiktok through your phone or PC

Step 2) Click on the “Me” icon at the top right of your screen – It’s just beside the Tiktok logo.

Step 3) Then, click on “My Channel”.

Step 4) Once you are done with step 3, scroll down until you see a red button named “Withdrawal”, click it.

Step 5) Upload or paste your bank account information.  

Step 6) Confirm that the withdrawal happened by checking your balance..

Step 7) Rejoice, you just made some extra money (and save up for that skin you’ve wanted to get!)

Note: The minimum withdrawal amount is through PayPal or Zelle is $100. Means once your earnings reach $100 only then you can withdraw them to your local bank account or online bank account

If you follow these steps correctly, congratulations! You will be able to withdraw your money from Tiktok Creator Fund successfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Tiktok?

TikTok  (formerly known as is a short-form video social media app that allows users to create and share short videos with lip syncing  and special effects with people from around the world.

How do I join Tiktok?

You need an active phone number, email address, and be 13+ years old. After registration, you also have to verify your mobile phone number before creating a Tik Tok account. All you need is to install the application on your device and sign up using your phone number or sign up using your Facebook account.

Can I still win if uploaded my video on Tiktok?

No, it is a platform where you can view trending videos and short music videos for entertainment purposes. You can earn if you create your own videos on Tik Tok.

How many winners get selected each month?

A: It depends on how many stars the winner has earned during that particular month. In order to win more money from the Tiktok Creator Fund one has to shoot their video with great quality and keep them as entertaining as possible without being abusive or putting anyone down whether from other countries or from your country.  
In addition, they should try creating interesting stories in their videos along with some dance moves for a better presentation!!  Obviously, it all depends on creativity.


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