How to Install & Watch Vudu on Apple TV?

Do you have an Apple TV and want to watch Vudu On It? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to install and start watching Vudu on your Apple TV.

The installation process for Vudu on Apple TV is very simple and straightforward if have an Apple ID. Follow the steps in this guide to watch Vudu from your Apple TV at home or from a hotel room when travelling.

Note: You can’t access all features of the VUDU app because it is a US-only service at the time being. But don’t worry, you can also install Hulu On Apple TV.

Watch Vudu On Apple TV

The app has a wide selection of Hollywood movies and television shows even without full functionalities available for other countries outside the USA.

Vudu is a video-on-demand service that offers you the best possible digital quality of movies and TV shows on your devices.

Vudu’s services are available for many devices, including Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii as well as Apple TV. You can easily watch all the latest Hollywood blockbusters as well as other interesting content on your smartphones/tablets with iOS or Android operating systems.

Plus if you have a PlayStation, then you can install playstation on apple tv as well.

So, if you have an Apple TV device and want to install the VUDU app on it without any hassle – then this post will give you perfect guidance!

How to Install & Watch Vudu on Apple TV?

Follow up these simple steps:

1) Make sure that your Apple TV runs on the latest software i.e. tvOS 11.

2) Make sure that your Apple TV is connected to a Wi-Fi network or Ethernet cable plugged into a high-speed modem connected to a router with internet access.

3) Turn on Airplay Mirroring from your iOS devices and Macs/Apple computers by going to Settings > Airplay > ON.

4) Launch any web browser on your computer or mobile phone, visit Vudu’s official website

5) Click the Redeem button at the top right corner of the page and log in to your account if you have already signed up for VUDU services or simply create one using Facebook/Google/Twitter or an email address.

6) Enter your Apple TV’s code on the next page, then tap Redeem.

You are required to sign in with your VUDU email/password or Facebook account details to continue.

8) Check for updates once the App appears on screen and you are done! You can launch it by clicking on it or find it later by going through the TV app pages of your Apple TV.

Launching The VUDU App On Your Apple TV Device

This is how you’ll be able to access all content available at Vudu & start watching it instantly after the installation process completes. Follow these steps:

1) Find your Apple TV icon from the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPad that is connected to your TV device.

2) Tap the VUDU App once it appears on screen, you’ll be able to see a wide variety of content from there, all you need is an internet connection and correct settings configured on Apple TV as well as iOS devices to stream Vudu’s media content wirelessly. Start watching now!

Tips: In case if you are unable to access certain features of the app due inside region restriction policies, then follow these steps for an easy workaround:

1) Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store.

2) Tap on your Apple ID at the top right corner of this page > View Apple ID > Payment Information.

3) Set United States region in Payment Option.

Don’t worry! You are not violating any laws using your Apple device to watch movies or television shows available at Vudu.

Apple TV is a tool that allows you to stream content from the internet on large screen TVs in the comfort of your own home, hotel rooms etc. This is perfectly legal and won’t cost you extra money in the end.

You can use this service freely and feel free to watch all the latest Hollywood hits and other interesting types of videos without leaving home or staying connected while travelling.

Good luck!

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