How to Install & Watch YouTube TV on Apple TV

Are you a fan of YouTube? Well, you might have to turn in your fan card! There’s a new kid in town and it’s set to take over.

YouTube TV is Google’s answer to rival streaming services like Sling, PlayStation Vue, DIRECTV NOW, etc.

But the best part of all? It’s totally compatible with Apple TV! And trust us when we say it has everything you could ever want from a live-streaming service—there are over 40 networks involved, each offering something different so there will always be plenty of content for everyone.

And speaking of content…a lot of people think that only one or two people can watch at once on a free account.

Not true—up to six accounts can stream simultaneously on YouTube TV.

Thousands of cable channels. Live and on-demand TV.

A cloud DVR so you can record all your favourite shows and watch them again later. And no contracts!

You pay month-to-month, for as long as you want the service, with no required length of commitment.

And oh yeah—there’s a free trial that lets you sample everything before you invest!

If you’re still not sure what to think of YouTube TV, check out these unbiased reviews from around the web:

How To Install YouTube TV On Apple TV?

Step 1. Download YouTube TV App

First of all, you’ll need to download the YouTube TV app, which is now available on Apple TV 4K.

You can download it straight from your Apple TV or find it in the App Store if you’re not watching on a 4K model.

Step 2. Create Account & Activate Subscription

Once you launch the app (after installing, of course), you’ll be prompted to sign up for an account.

Follow the instructions and give yourself some information! Next, put in your payment info—this will let Google know how much it costs to keep you streaming all those episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

And with that, your first week is free! Told ya—that’s plenty of time to make sure YouTube TV is right for you.

Step 3. Enjoy Streaming TV!

Now that you’ve given in and signed up for YouTube TV, it’s time to enjoy streaming! This is the best part: all your channels will be in one easy-to-use place on Apple TV.

You can watch live or on-demand; search across every network; create a recording on your DVR; rewind, pause, and play whenever works for you (and with whoever).

It’s like having a free cable but way more convenient—and yes, there are absolutely no commercials.

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What Channels Can I Get on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV gives subscribers access to over 40 networks, including both local affiliates and national broadcasts.

Everything from sports (MLB TV, NBA TV, MLS) to news (Bloomberg, MSNBC, Newsy) to general entertainment (AMC, FX), it’s all there—and if your network isn’t available in YouTube TV’s offerings, you might be able to watch it via on-demand.

YouTube TV gives subscribers live access to major networks like ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, and ESPN. And there are plenty of sports channels including the Big Ten Network!

This is an unprecedented amount of variety for a streaming service that works across devices—so whatever shows you want to watch are never more than a click away.

Other Major Networks include CNN, The CW, TBS, TNT among others! If you’re looking for specific regional content or even international content, YouTube TV has you covered, and they are still in the process of adding to this list!

Plenty of Sports Programming

If you have ever subscribed to DirectTV or any other TV service, you would know that they charge you for every channel you want. So say if you just wanted ESPN, which means shelling out $20/month.

With YouTube TV you are able to get this basic package costing under $40. And if that is not enough for your cravings then rest assured there are plenty of add-ons available like Showtime ($11) and Fox Soccer Plus ($15).

So per month, the base package alone costs about $35 (including taxes).

But somehow I feel like it’s worth it!  I mean come on…you can watch MLS Games Live on Fox Soccer Plus!

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