How to Move Steam Games to Another Drive on Windows 10

The PC gaming industry is expanding. The Steam platform has now over 125 million registered users and continues to grow at a rapid rate.

One of the questions we get here at G2A often is, “How do I move my Steam games to another drive?”

If you’re running out of space on your primary hard drive, this article will show you how to move any game from one location to another in just a few steps!

Before you begin, make sure to create a backup of the Steam folder in question if there are any files that you need in it. There is no way to undo this process, so do not skip backing up!

Move Steam Games To Another Drive In Windows 10

Step 1. Open File Explorer and select This PC

Step 2. Right-click the Steam folder, then select Properties

Step 3. Click the Location tab

Step 4. Click Move…

Step 5. Select a location to move your Steam games (if you want to move all of your games, make sure to put them on an external hard drive)

Step 6. Click Move Folder

That’s it!

You can now close out of these windows and enjoy playing some of your favourite PC titles on another hard drive 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to move a single game from one drive to another?

Yes, however, there is a little more involved in that process. You need to open up Steam and right-click on the game that you want to move, click Properties, then Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files. This will get you the location of your installed Steam games.

Is it possible to have multiple hard drives with different Steam games on each?

Yes! It is entirely possible to have multiple Steam libraries organized by games across many different hard drives 🙂

Can I move my Steam games onto an SDD?

Yes, while we do not recommend putting any game on an SDD due to reading/write speeds commonly being around 250 MBps which is way below average for a typical 7200 RPM hard drive, it is possible to move games onto an SDD.
Just make sure you select the right external storage device for your games.

How do I burn my Steam games to a disc?

In order to burn your Steam games to a disc, you should check out this article on how to burn any PC game from or Steam to a physical disc! It covers everything you need including free programs and paid ones if you’re looking for something extra special.


So there you have it! The process of moving your Steam games to a different drive is simple and can help free up a fair bit of hard drive space. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below!

If you find this article interesting and helpful, feel free to leave a comment with feedback or suggestions for other potential articles we could write about.


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