Neonode AirBar Review: Make It TouchScreen

I am writing this blog post to discuss my experience with the Neonode AirBar. I recently used it at a work conference and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked, that’s why wanted to share Neonode AirBar Review.

It is an innovative way of making presentations interactive for audiences, which makes the presentation more engaging.

Neonode Airbar

This product is an innovative piece of equipment that does not take up much space, which makes it easy to travel with. I was impressed by how light the AirBar feels in your hands and surprised that it only weighs 15 oz because it feels like it weighs more.

Although the rectangle shape did not work for my presentation situation at work, I can see where other people would find the length-width ratio very helpful especially if their presentations are longer lectures or test-taking situations.

Also, there are two different brightness settings for whatever type of lighting environment you are using which definitely helps make your images look better!

One downside though is that I do wish there were more features that you could change with this Neonode airbar touchscreen sensor, but I do understand that they seem to be using it as a way to introduce people to their technology.

Another thing that I really liked about this product is how quick and easy their customer service team was at helping me out when I had questions.

They have gotten back to my emails within the next day or so each time I’ve sent them an email which makes communication go smoothly with them.


The Neonode AirBar is a very sleek and cool piece of equipment that has a great rectangle shape to it, which makes it super easy to travel with. It only weighs 15 oz but feels much heavier when you pick up, which was surprising to me.

I really enjoy the matte black color as well because it matches with any dark-coloured presentation slides you might have.

The dimensions of this product are 25″ x 12.5″, which is a little bit longer than most pieces of equipment, but I found that to be beneficial when using it in my work setting for a presentation panel discussion.


The length-width ratio on this product was perfect for my use at a work conference where we were having a panel discussion about industry topics and the Neonode AirBar would allow audience members to ask questions electronically from their seats instead of lining up at microphones throughout the rowdier portions of the event.

It also has two different brightness settings which are great, especially if you are using your product somewhere with a lot of lighting overhead.

Unfortunately, I found it difficult to get the AirBar to work if there was no direct light shining on top of it but once we were able to get that working for us, we had no issues with using this product during our presentation panel discussion.

The responses that we received from audience members were positive and they told us they liked how easy it was to use and consistent throughout the event.

Performance and OS Support

The performance of this product is great. We never experienced any issues with it during our presentation panel discussion at work. I really like that there is no screen required for the device because then you can just use your existing laptop or tablet to use the AirBar software.

When you attach it to either one, be sure they are turned off before using so that they don’t start searching for drivers automatically before you’ve had a chance to install them on your device!

Once you have the software installed and activated on both your laptop/tablet and Neonode devices, all you need are USB Type-C cords to make them work together wirelessly which makes it very convenient.

It also supports Windows 10 operating systems, which means I am able to use it with my personal laptop which makes travelling with it very easy.

Customer Service – 5/5 stars

I really appreciate how quickly the customer service team at Neonode Communications got back to me each time I emailed them throughout my trial period of this product. They answered me right away or within 24 hours like clockwork every single time which made communication go smoothly between myself and other people in my department who needed help too.

Configuration Options

The AirBar is wireless and requires no installation of special software, but can also be ordered with extra cords for up-close presentation functionality (for only $48). It works with both Windows 10 and Chrome OS devices.

There are two brightness settings to choose from on this product which I found useful during my conference panel discussion when we had a lot of overhead light coming in from windows nearby.

I really like that it’s black on one side and white on the other because I am able to use it with either color depending on what kind of mood I’m feeling or what kind of background our stage was decorated in at the time!

This is excellent for people who want more flexibility in their interactive technology for presentations without having to purchase a ton of different products for each scenario.


Their prices for all of their accessories are very reasonable, plus they also have monthly payment options which are great if you’re starting out with this technology or just trying it out before making a big commitment.

It does cost about $400 for the device itself, but that price covers installation fees so there is no extra cost in addition to that which I found helpful when budgeting for my work projects.

I think these are more affordable than most other interactive projector technologies on the market currently and they come at a good value considering how much you get in return!

Overall Review

I think this product is perfect for people who are wanting to try out interactive presentation technology but are not ready to make the investment yet because it’s quite expensive at around $400 plus setup fees.

I also appreciate how lightweight this product feels and its sleek design, which makes it easy to travel with. They have a great customer service team that responds quickly if you email them, which is again very helpful!

One thing that I think they could improve upon is adding more features that would increase the functionality of their products like making presentations larger sizes or having different colors other than black/white, but overall this was a great experience using such an innovative piece of equipment as my work conference presentation tool.

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