Number to Dial to See If Your Phone Is Tapped

If you suspect your phone — or any other electronic device such as a computer, PDA, etc. — may be tapped, there is a simple way to find out:

Following is the list of some of the codes which would indicate whether your phone is tapped.

How to know if your Phone is Tapped?

  • Dial 112 from your Mobile without a SIM. If it is a normal GSM phone, you will hear a beep. This means that there is no Interception of voice or data by the telecom operator.
  • Dial 1224 from your Phone to know if your “IMSI” No has been tweaked. Check for this also during roaming too(Mobitel users do not need to check this). In normal condition, when you get a Call Connect Welcome tone, That’s mean IMEI and IMSI numbers are in order.
  • After the above test, Hang Up and Call again within 5 seconds.. When calling make sure that both calls overlap each other. If there is any delay in connecting the 2nd call, it means you have tampered.
  • On an SMS, send a msg to 121 from your SIM. When getting the answering service, press any key on your keypad and hang up . If there is a delay of more than 5-8 seconds in responding to any key press then, its a sign that someone has intercepted this message or it’s illegal interference .. This cannot be done by Telecom Operators!
  • Content of SMS can also be checked by sending a msg to 137. Example: Hi..
  • If the reply is “R U OK” it means the message has not been interfered or intercepted . But if you get any other replies, then your messages are being monitored.
  • Dial # 0 6 2 4 9 # from your mobile phone. This code will display the number of ‘GSM Interceptors’ in range of your mobile phone right now! This cannot be done by telecom operators!

If you suspect that your cell phone is tapped/intercepted & want to confirm it, send an SMS with ‘STOP 123’ in the body to 51122 from your cell phone.

Send this whenever possible… when getting the message the IMEI and the IMEI no. of interceptor will be displayed on your mobile screen.

For Checking voice Interceptors, call 56789 from your mobile phone. This number will display you the serial number of Interceptor with its IMEI No. If it is there, you will get a normal connecting tone. But if not available, you can hear some sound effect that indicates that this line is tapped!

I hope you found this article useful. Thanks for reading.

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