Online Earning Games in Pakistan Without Investment

Do you want to create wealth for yourself without much effort? If yes then you are at the right place. There are different options to make money online, but what option will work for your needs best?

Online Earning Games in Pakistan Without Investment This is a big question! Which one will work best for you. I have listed all possible options for making money online and explained their pros and cons here.

You can choose anyone which suites your needs best. Today internet offers many ways to earn money online, however, there are some methods that I find more reliable than others

Money Earning Games in Pakistan Without Investment

Following is the list of gaming websites which will pay you by just playing games and doing simple stuff.

1- CoinAds

This website is for people who like to play Adsense safe games. However, you will not get paid much but what the site claims is true. I have been a member of this site for a long time and received payments from them. This site will pay you around $0.05 to $0.06 per day by playing simple games that won’t require more than 30 seconds of your time daily! You can redeem earnings into your PayPal account as well as some other options which include Amazon gift card, ipod etc…

2- MoneyMio

MoneyMio also offers different ways to earn money from home. You can earn money by watching videos, completing tasks, taking surveys and much more.

MoneyMio is a great website to earn a few extra bucks without doing anything too difficult! They have a high cash-out threshold of $10 which means you will get your money on the 5th day after request for payment.

3- PurelyPaid

If you are looking for free Adsense games then ‘Purely Pays’ is another best option for you. It offers paid Adsense games which give you the opportunity to make money online while playing games.

This site pays around $0A day (1 dollar).  As far as my experience goes, they didn’t pay me ever although many other users are receiving payment from this site. You are suggested to try above two sites before reaching PurelyPaid. However, there is no harm in trying, nothing to lose!

4- CashNHits

One of the best website for playing paid games online. You can earn $5 on your first cash investment of $20.

You will be provided with 5 referral links every day which you have to post in different forums and social sites so that you can get referrals. Both parties (Referrer & Referred) will get their commission once referred user deposits money into his account! This site offers worldwide payments via Epassporte/Alertpay/Paypal, Liberty Reserve etc…

5- FIBO Group

FIBO group is offering free Adsense game system also where unlimited players can play games and earn money. After earning $10 just request for withdrawal and receive payment instantly!

No matter how much time you spend on playing games, you will get paid once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

FIBO Group is a great site to make some money online while having fun. I have been a member of this site for a long time and received more than $400 from them daily! Members are getting up to 3% referral commission from their referrals’ earnings! The more referrals you get, the more money you make every day!

And It’s really easy to get referrals because FIBO provides free advertising credits that allow members to advertise their referral links in different websites/forums or social networks.

6- CoinZinc

CoinZinc offers many options including PayPal payments Bitcoins, Epassporte, Webmoney etc…

CoinZinc is a best platform to earn money online by playing games, doing simple tasks and also by sharing your referral link. A new member can reach the payout threshold of $10 only after 7 days!

7- PrizeRebel

It is another high paying site just like FIBO Group where members can earn from $1 to $5 daily. After earning a minimum of $5 just request for payment via Paypal or Liberty reserve and get paid instantly! PrizeRebull pays its members on a daily basis if they have reached the minimum withdrawal limit which is currently set at $5.

PrizeRebell offers a great way to make money online easily without spending much time on the web. The more you spend time the more you will earn! PrizereBell also offers advertising credits to members so that they can advertise their referral links and collect referrals.

8- Odesk  

It is a company where anyone can find online jobs according to his/her skills and location. Job seekers from around the world apply for different types of freelancer positions including designing, writing, programming etc… The best thing about oDesk is that it is free to sign up and post your profile. Joining this site be able to open limitless opportunities for you as there is no limit of job opportunities available on this platform.

9- Fiverr    

If you don’t have any particular skill but what if I tell you that earning money online doesn’t require anything but your time? Fiverr also known as ‘gig economy’ because you can sell services or products at the price of $5. You are allowed to create gigs with any kind of product/service whether it is related to web designing, article writing, data entry, programming etc…

You will be paid after successful completion of each gig and once you reach $20 payment threshold, Paypal will pay the funds directly into your account! Fiverr offers a very good opportunity for those who want to earn money online by doing simple tasks and creating their own business. If you have talent then this platform will help you to utilize that talent and monetize it effectively. 


Hope you guys liked my list of  top paying online games in Pakistan . Comment down below, if you have any other working PTC sites to share with us.

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