SelfishNet: Limit Internet Speed of Wi-Fi Users

Do you want to take revenge on those who use your Wi-Fi without permission?

Now, there is good news for you. An Internet Accelerator named SelfishNet can help you to do so.

It can limit the speed of the Internet access of the unfavored users. So other people cannot use their iPhone and Android phones and enjoy high-speed networks at home or office anymore.

It also helps that we should not be blamed by our children for deliberately slowing down their network speed!

What is SelfishNet?

From the name, you can guess what it is. SelfishNet is a special network filter that limits Wi-Fi Access speed to any user who has not to registered his or her device on your Wi-Fi router.

So far, this software is only available for Windows platforms and it is open source so anyone can download and install this accelerator with a lot of features free of charge.

Let’s see how it works.

How It Works

Registering the Device

In order to start using this software, you need to register all of your devices for Wi-Fi access in their turn. It means that if a device is used by a family member or a friend, they should be registered in SelfishNet with its phone number and email address.

If you have more than one user of your Wi-Fi, then each of them should be registered separately. Otherwise, SelfishNet will not set the maximum speed limit on their traffic.

SelfishNet makes all these registrations easily. After downloading and installing the program on your Windows machine, an icon appears on its desktop which can be used to launch SelfishNet interface after clicking on it.

Limiting Internet Speed

You can limit the speed of the users by simply entering their phone number and email address. You should be very careful when entering these details because you cannot change them later.

The SelfishNet window will show a list of all registered devices and you can choose one or more users from it and set their speed limits at 1Mbps, 2Mbps or 5Mbps as well as Turn Off option to block your Wi-Fi for those unregistered users.

Setting Up Schedule For Throttle

Now we come to an important part of this special software which is described as “Schedule Setting”.

As I said earlier, there are three speeds such as 1Mbps, 2Mbps and 5Mpbs that we can use for limiting Internet speed of registered users.

But there is a little problem with this method because we could not limit the Internet speed to one or two devices at a time and it could be very difficult to find out who is using our Wi-Fi all the time. So do not worry about it!

SelfishNet has solved this problem for you!

The Schedule Setting window can be used to set hours when each device’s speed limit will come into action.

For instance, if someone wants to use your Wi-Fi from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm but you want that he should only have a maximum of 1Mbps speed during the busiest hours then you can easily achieve this goal by setting his device’s schedule as 8:00 till 22:00.

In this way, you can share your Wi-Fi in a controlled manner with all of your family members and friends without any problems.

Now lets see how to limit internet using this useful software.

How to limit internet speed using SelfishNet?

Step 1: After downloading and installing this program, an icon appears on your Windows Desktop. You can click on it to launch SelfishNet user interface.

Step 2: The main interface shows a list of all registered devices with their MAC addresses, Device Name, Registered Number and Email Address.

Now you have to simply enter the email address or number of the Wi-Fi device for which you want to limit internet speed. If there is more than one user then you should select one by one from the list otherwise the software will not set any speed limit at all.

You can choose the Turn Off option if you don’t want that anyone use your WiFi Router during some special time or days without registering with SelfishNet!

Step 3: Now you can choose one or more devices from the list and set their internet speed limits. You can do this by simply selecting a check box next to the device’s name.

After choosing desired devices, select “Network Traffic” tab where you have two options for limiting the speed which means 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps.

But if you want to limit your user’s speed at 5Mbps then you have to create a schedule for that particular device otherwise it will slower his/her speed down after every hour.

Step 4: After setting up all of your desired settings, go back to SelfishNet main window where there are some more options for limiting internet access. The main interface shows some buttons named “Uptime”, “Speed Limit” and “Schedule”.

By clicking on the “Uptime” button, you can see how long a particular device has been using your WiFi connection. You can even block the entire network access for all of the registered devices with just one click! In order to do so, just select the Turn Off button from “Speed Limit” window.

The two buttons named “SpeedLimit” and “Schedule” allow you to set up a speed limit per device or set hours when each device’s speed limit will come into action. 

If you use these options then in future whenever someone tries to connect your network he/she will be automatically redirected to SelfishNet where they have to fill in some simple details before connecting your Wi-Fi network.

After filling up the required details, you can see their email address or number to access your Wi-Fi network!

This is how you can control your family members and friends while sharing your WiFi connection with them!

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The Conclusion:

I hope this article has helped you to limit the internet speed of specific devices using an advanced software named SelfishNet. Indeed, there are many other ways available to help you in solving this kind of problem but none of them is as effective as this method.

Moreover, there are some good alternatives that will let your friends to check emails, stream videos and make video calls on their smartphones without any delays but I like the way SelfishNet has created separate interface for each device because it makes things simpler and more convenient.

One of the most useful features available in this software is that it allows you to check how long each device has been using your internet connection. The best thing about SelfishNet is its simple user interface which offers easy-to-use options for any kind of user! I hope you will like this program because I do 🙂

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