Tools to unfollow inactive Twitter users (2022)

Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends, family, and acquaintances. It can be difficult to keep up with who is posting what on social media when you have an active timeline full of tweets. A recent study found that inactivity on Twitter accounts leads to higher rates of depression for users. This blog post will introduce readers to some tools that they can use to unfollow inactive Twitter users and keep their timelines more organized and less depressing!

Introduction: Tools to unfollow inactive Twitter users

Well, there is a way – through Twitter tools that let you unfollow inactive Twitter users automatically. Sounds too good to be true? Well, read this article and learn more about these excellent programs that can help you keep track of who follows and unfollows you on Twitter without making all the efforts yourself.


Circleboom is a free service that shows an analysis of your followers. They will highlight any inactive users in a red circle, so you can see who hasn’t tweeted for a certain period. To use the Circleboom tool, type in your Twitter ID and select how often you’d like to scan it from the drop-down menu. Choose from hourly, daily, or weekly scans, then click on Search. Once finished, go back to your profile page and click on the “Analysis” tab to peruse the results. Inactive accounts will be highlighted with a red circle around them.

You can unfollow these people after spending some time with their account

How do I find out if my account has fake followers?

First, you can search for your Twitter handle on “Status People” to find how many of your followers are fake. If between 20% and 50% of your followers are fake, you might want to clean up. You can also sign up with a service like Fakers. Status people. Com will send you an email every day telling you who is following more than five hundred users who aren’t following you back. Cleaning up inactive user accounts is just good practice.


Managefilter is a free social media tool that enables you to unfollow and follow Twitter users in bulk

you don’t need to waste your time. Managefilter automatically follows/unfollows them

it also has the option of following only people who don’t follow back or following exponentially.

Manage filter works very well on any browser, for example, chrome, firefox, safari, etc.

How to use the Managefilter tool?

The first thing you have to do is go to managefilter software

after that, you have to log in with your Twitter account; click on unfollow non-followers button; now it will take you different options like unfollowing users who don’t follow, following people who don’t follow back, etc.

The best feature of managing a filter is managing lists. Yes, it has the option of managing your Twitter lists. For example, suppose you want to delete all your follower’s lists or followed lists. In that case, Managefilter will help you do that easily. (If you are using chrome, use the managefilter extension for easy work.)

It also has real-time analytics that shows how many active and inactive users follow or follow back your account. I hope this tool will be helpful for you because it doesn’t require any registration fee. 


Tweepi is another popular Twitter tool to clean up your Twitter following list. It has many advanced features like no other Twitter or social media tools (for example, you can mass unfollows, follows users, etc.)

It works very well on both chrome and firefox browsers. But if you are using Firefox ESR, it may show some error message. So here I’m using chrome browser for a better experience.

You first have to go to the Tweepi homepage

after that, you have to log in with your Twitter account and click on the manage following button. Add your criterion like unfollowing users who don’t follow back etc.

A remarkable feature of Tweepi is it provides you mass actions option. For example, if you want to remove all the followers who are above 100, then select the action unfollow>followers>above__100 or select below __50 if you want to remove 50-100 followers.


Crowdfire is a Twitter tool that helps you clean up your Twitter followings and makes them more relevant. It recommends who should be unfollowed and follows those recommendations. If you use Crowdfire, you can quickly bulk unfollow inactive Twitter users by checking the ‘Unfollow inactive accounts’ box in the app menu. I advise you also to check the other boxes like ‘Follow high-quality Influencers’ (this will help you find such influencer people on Twitter). The application will start doing its work after 24 hours; it will unfollow all inactive accounts for which there were no new tweets or retweets during this period.


Twitter offers many free account management tools.

I hope you have enjoyed my article on how to clean up Twitter accounts in 2022! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite tool is or your suggestion!

Thanks for reading this post, and I’ll see you next time when you are ready.

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