TubeBuddy Vs VidIQ: Which YouTube Tool Is Better & Why

If you’re a YouTuber, then you know that the best way to grow your channel is by using a variety of tools. So which tool should you use? VidIQ or TubeBuddy?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of each service, as well as who will win this battle in 2021 to help you make your channel grow and reach a larger audience.

But first, let us know what are youtube tools for channels, and why do we need them.

What Is A Third-Party Tool For YouTube Channels?

In simple words, a youtube tool is something that helps you improve and streamline your channel and videos.

These tools may be used for:

  • Creating Thumbnails For Videos
  • Categorizing Videos
  • Having A Proper Channel Organization
  • Joining Affiliate Programs And Earning Money
  • Using SEO Tools To Grow Your Video’s Reach
  • Keeping Track Of The Data Of Our Videos Analytics
  • Tools To Analyze The Traffic Of Videos Etc…

Now let me tell you, why do you need a third-party tool for growing your youtube channel.

Why Do You Need A Third-Party Tool For YouTube Channel?

The answer is simple. You need a third-party tool because YouTube does not offer all the features that you require to improve, grow and optimize your youtube channel.

While Youtube has brought us many things in life, it can’t really help you with improving your youtube channel. It won’t show you how much time people spend watching videos on your channel or what type of videos are performing better than others.

So if you want to use all these features which will help you make your channel grow (and even monetize it further), then using third-party tools is necessary.

TubeBuddy Vs VidIQ What Is Better & Why?

Let’s take a look at each youtube tool. We’ll explore what they offer, how much does it cost, and who will win the battle of TubeBuddy Vs VidIQ 2021!

TubeBuddy For YouTube

First, let us check out YouTube Channel Booster Tool named TubeBuddy. The tools is offered by App Review Central which provides reviews for mobile apps.

You can try it for free but if you want more features then they charge $47/month or $197/year for their premium version.

They offer many cool features like: Managing Comments Creating Thumbnails, Optimizing Videos And Tags, Scheduling Videos Series, And Tagging Clips, Categorizing Your Channel, Adding Contributors To The Channel, And Managing The Content Easily, Creating Custom Thumbnails For All Videos, Creating Playlists Using the TubeBuddy Chrome Extension, There are many more features too which we will discuss in the next sections of this article.

But what attracted us to it is their Chrome Extension. Using this extension you can review any video on YouTube and provide your analysis by giving a star rating. You can also offer recommendations to improve the video ranking, suggestions, tags and even search for similar videos based on keywords.

VidIQ For YouTube

VidIQ is another YouTube tool that helps you optimize your channel by offering many tools. It’s the winner of the 2016 TubeBuddy Battle.

The tool is designed for people who have their niche channels and want to have a growth strategy for them so they can monetize better in 2021!

If you take a look at VidIQ Vs TubeBuddy, it has everything that TubeBuddy offers along with other features like Social Media Integration: If viewers are watching videos on your channel then why not engage them by getting shares or likes on social media too?

You can do that using VidIQ as it will allow you to share posts about your videos across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr Etc… Video Ranking: It helps you with getting better rankings for your videos by offering optimization tips.

If you want to rank a video on top of Google’s search results, then it will show you how to do that. So what is the cost? How does VidIQ make money for their company and more importantly, how much will it cost me? VidIQ offers 3 plans which you directly purchase from their website.

Comparison Of Features Of TubeBuddy & VidIQ

I hope this introduction of both of the tools would be enough. Now let’s talk and compare their features, pros, cons and pricing side by side.

Video Analysis

In TubeBuddy, you can see who is watching your videos and how much time they are spending. It’s a good way to figure out what type of content people prefer to watch on your channel.

This helps you in creating more engaging content which will move up the search ranks, get a better CTR rank and thus monetize better in 2020!

You can also explore their map which shows where people from across the world are watching your videos from.

In VidIQ, not only do you get detailed analytics about your video but it also gives recommendations on improving your rankings so that your video gets viewed by enough people and thus increases the chances of earning money through ad revenue or subscriptions.

You can use this information to create optimized ads around those keywords so that when someone searches

View Your Channel Statistics

In TubeBuddy, you can check the views and likes of your videos, broken down by month to compare the progress. You can also see how many subscribers a channel has and what is their subscriber activity like.

In VidIQ, you can see your ranking and CTR for any video and across all videos. It shows the top keywords that people use to find videos like yours. This will help you in improving your video rankings for those keywords which will directly increase the views on your channel.

View Your Video Rankings & View Rate

TubeBuddy allows you to check what devices are using the most while viewing YouTube videos on your channel. You should create content keeping this in mind so that it will not only look good on a mobile phone but also be user friendly when viewed from a laptop or PC screen too.

VidIQ tells you how long someone is spending on watching your video and if they stuck around till it ends or left in the middle. This gives you an idea of whether they got bored or something else distracted them. If it is too long, you might want to look at other factors like the length of your video and if it offers enough value for viewers to stay till the end.

View Your Audience Retention Stats

TubeBuddy allows you to know how long someone took after clicking on your video to watch it or open your channel page.

You can use this information to see which social media posts did well so that you can focus more time on them.

This is because if people come from Twitter and take some time before watching your video then there must be something interesting about your posts that drew their attention so maybe focusing more on Twitter would be a good idea.

VidIQ shows you how many times someone shared your videos to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

This tells you about the content of your video which is generating interest among others and getting shared.

If you want more shares, make sure your next video offers something different or builds on top of what was already offered in previous videos.

VidIQ keeps track of what is working for your videos so that you can focus more time there without having to waste any efforts on things that are not helping you much.

View Stats Of Subscribers As Well

TubeBuddy shows your subscribers clicks on your channel page. This gives you an idea about where they are leaving without watching your video.

If it is because of something like the length of the video or other factors which you can easily control, then maybe focusing more time on those areas would be a good idea to increase views and revenue.

In VidIQ, you can easily see who all from your subscriber list are watching your videos. It helps you create better content as well as engage them to come back for more! You can use this information to recommend similar videos or other relevant stuff which they will be interested in.

View Stats For Channel Page Performance

TubeBuddy helps you learn about your channel performance in terms of CTR (click through rate) and retention.

If you see that no one is clicking on links in your video description or title, then maybe adding more links would be a good idea to make it easier for people to click when they are interested.

The VidIQ team takes pride in knowing that VidIQ provides YouTube optimization services to thousands of users every day!

Their tools help people all over the world learn about their videos and grow across multiple platforms, including social media sites like Twitter & Facebook; website sharing platforms like Pinterest; blogging platforms like Tumblr; mobile devices; and even offline mediums such as TV.

VidIQ enables you to get the most out of your YouTube videos by taking advantage of our tools and services!

Managing Content On Channel

TubeBuddy lets you check out the performance of every single video of your YouTube Videos in just a few minutes!

This helps save a lot of time for creators who have many different channels and don’t want to spend hours upon hours at their computer just to check the views and other stats for each video.

It also lets you track unlisted videos as well by sharing your unlisted URLs with us and we’ll do the rest!

They also offer two options: “Read Only” and “Edit”.

The Edit option allows you to see private videos and delete those videos if you want to remove them since they are no longer needed.

This is great for an unlisted test or promotional videos which can be temporary in nature but may need deletion later on.

For VidiQ, the same goes, so no need to mention…lol

Updates & Support

What’s special about the TubeBuddy team is that they are a group of people who want to help YouTube content creators in any way possible.

When you make a video submission, the team looks over your request and does what they can to help you solve your problem or answer your question as soon as possible! Plus, all updates are free for life!

VidIQ takes pride in being able to provide their users with awesome customer support which makes them feel valued.

They work 24/7 365 days a year including times when there are off-season months so that these tools remain available at all times.

Videos get indexed, views get counted and other information gets displayed within minutes after it happens so there isn’t much time taken.

Plus, they have a comprehensive Help Center which lets you learn about everything from how to upload videos properly to checking stats and using other features!

Keyword Competition

TubeBuddy shows you the number of total searches for each keyword. As well, it also tells you how competitive each one is!

This helps you see which keywords to use in your search descriptions or video titles.

You can even create custom alerts to know when something like that gets into the top 20-100 most searched listings on Google!

VidIQ gives you full access to all data about keyword competition including YouTube’s suggested bid rates for any given day; an algorithm that calculates the estimated cost per click/view based on history; and current monthly search volume (in both English & worldwide)!

Plus, if your videos are associated with Adsense, then they’ll be included as well so you’ll know what kind of revenue-earning potential a keyword has.

Video Title Competition

TubeBuddy lets you see the estimated number of monthly searches for a given video title!

You can also get recommendations to match your keywords with high-performing titles so that your videos won’t seem out of place when people are searching for them.

Plus, it can automatically add trending videos from YouTube and Google Trends to give you an idea about what’s coming soon to the top 10 so that you have time to create something better before they happen!

This is great for avoiding “competition” because these tools will let you know which trends are happening off-site and sometimes before they even start happening at all!

VidIQ goes a step further by showing you which keywords are in the title of your video competition.

You can also see how many times they have been searched for in the last month!

Plus, it shows you in real-time which titles are being used with top 10 videos so you can adjust your own when needed before things get worse.

Tags Management

TubeBuddy provides you with suggestions of tags that are related to your niche. These can be used on videos or combined with what you have so that new channels will have ideas of how to tag their own videos as well!

You can also check out lists of “Trending Tags” so that you don’t waste time searching for things which are already popular at the moment!

VidIQ goes a step further by giving you the ability to add and use tags from YouTube and Google Trends in order to diversify your set of keywords and make your videos seem more appealing than ever before when people search for them. As well, it gives recommendations based on titles, tags and recorded views so there’s no need to worry about anything.

TubeBuddy Free Version Vs VidiQ Free Version

TubeBuddy offers a free trial so that you can try it out before paying for the full version. Plus, there’s no limit on how many videos you can have analyzed and other features are available as well! You simply need to sign up and create an account.

VidIQ offers a 7-day free trial as well where anyone can sign up and start using their tools to boost YouTube results immediately. They also have a free package which lets you perform basic functions such as keyword tracking, engagement analysis & backlink discovery among others! The cool thing about this is that VidIQ even lets you know what kind of value these things will bring in terms of revenue from Adsense!

TubeBuddy Premium Vs VidiQ Premium

TubeBuddy Premium costs $9.99/month for all of the tools and features it provides while also letting you monitor up to 150 channels or videos! Not only that, but you can get access to reports and more, unlimited alerts & some special perks as well! Check TubeBuddy Pricing Plans Here

VidIQ Premium costs $19.95/month (or less) and gives you access to everything in their free version plus a ton of others such as keyword alerts, long-term analytics + data collection & more! Plus, they have a YouTube plugin which is included with this package so there’s no need to worry about anything at all. In fact, you’ll even get direct support from their experts when needed. For more information about their pricing plans check VidiQ Pricing Here

Price Comparison: TubeBuddy & VidIQ

TubeBuddy Pricings

Their “Pro” subscription is available at $17.99/month and the “Business” option is available at $32.99/month. It also comes with a free 14-day trial where you can save $10 over the cost of your first month when you sign up today!

If you purchase one of these subscriptions, then all features in TubeBuddy will be unlocked and ready to use!

VidIQ Pricings

Their Pro plan is available for $9.95/month where they offer unlimited views & queries, full access via the desktop app and other exclusive features for higher channels on YouTube such as faster support and more powerful tools which allow you to manage multiple accounts at once!

They also have a Basic plan which lets you check out view counts, CTR and other useful data. This plan is free to use without the ads!

The Final Verdict: Which Is Better?

As far as we can tell from our comparison between VidIQ Vs TubeBuddy, it seems that TubeBuddy is better for those who are just starting out on YouTube or need to monitor videos more often than they actually work on their channels.

It’s easy to use and even has optional unlisted video tracking. Plus, you can also create custom URLs for sharing your videos with your team so work gets done faster than ever before!

VidIQ is great for those who already have experience making high-quality videos on YouTube since it has several useful tools for monetization & promotion.

Plus, you can track views, engagement and followers over extended periods of time so that you know your progress in real-time!

Not only that, but it also has a built-in proxy service not available anywhere else which offers great protection.

As far as SEO is concerned, VidIQ seems to be the better option since it lets you monitor anything related to YouTube on Google Trends including keywords, titles or tags.

It’s safe to say that VidIQ offers more features at a lower price than TubeBuddy does while also having some key things missing from their free version which you’ll need if you want to progress with YouTube without wasting time on unnecessary things!

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think TubeBuddy or VidIQ is better? Let us know in the comments section!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, all of these tools are great for power users and beginners alike. They even give options to their free version so that everyone can get a taste of what they can do without paying a single cent!

In addition, both TubeBuddy & VidIQ have built-in support channels where you can find help & assistance from real people when needed.

Be sure to check them out before deciding on which one is right for your needs since no two people will be looking for exactly the same things in a YouTube management solution!

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