How to Turn off Friend Suggestions on Facebook App & PC

Do you want to stop seeing friend suggestions on your Facebook App and PC?

This article will show you how to turn off friend suggestions.

First, we will go over some basic information about friend suggestions that Facebook uses on your feed:

Friend Suggestions: Friend suggestions appear on your news feed and can include people who aren’t friends with you or even in the same network. These are people that might be interesting for you to get to know.

Signal Boost: If someone chooses “Boost post” for one of their posts, likes a page, tags a photo, uploads multiple photos or makes several adjustments to an album at once, an alert appears prompting others to do the same.

The alert is sent only if many people have not already seen it. It disappears when enough people have acted on it.

Friend Suggestions are related to the “People you may know” feature, but they’re used for different purposes. People you may know is included in friend suggestions, but friend suggestions also include people that aren’t connected to you or your friends.

How does Facebook decide who should be suggested as a friend? When someone uses an external sign-up feature (like Google Connect), their information will not be automatically shared with everyone else on Facebook.

We provide them with the option to send invitations to specific people so they can choose whom to share their information with. This way, anyone using Facebook externally through Google or another provider decides how much of their personal information is shared and with whom.

For more information on how you can control who sees your information.

Turn off Friend Suggestions on Facebook App

To turn off friend suggestions on Facebook App, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Tap the More button in Facebook App.

Step 2: Scroll down to “Settings”.

Step 3: Tap on the “Privacy” option.

Step 4: Tap on “Customize settings” next to “People you may know”.

Step 5: Deselect the type of friend suggestions that you do not want to see by tapping the X mark.

You can choose one or all types of friend suggestions. For example, I deselect “Friends of friends”, but keep other types selected. Then tap on the option again to complete it.

The options are as follows:  People who may know me Friends of friends Friends Can also select ‘Remove All Suggestions’ if you do not wish for any suggestions at all. To go back and adjust these settings in the future, navigate to: Settings > Privacy > People you may Know.

Turn off Friend Suggestions on Facebook Website

To turn off friend suggestions on the Facebook website, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click “Home” at the top of your window and open up your news feed.

Step 2: Scroll down and click “Settings”.

Step 3: Click “Edit” next to “How You Connect”. Then uncheck types of friend suggestions that you do not want to see.

To go back and adjust these settings in the future, select “Settings” from your main menu and then select “Privacy Settings”.

Finally, click on the link for “How You Connect under “Category.”

This will bring you back to your Facebook settings and allow you to adjust your preferences.

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Today’s article will teach you how to turn off suggestions in messenger on android devices. By turning this feature off, your friends won’t be able to send you suggested stickers when they want to add a new one during chat conversations. This can save lots of time and also make your chats with contacts more private and personal.

I hope these steps worked for you. Thanks For Reading!

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